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Posted: 19thJune 2003


Now what I ask you, is the most terrible sentence ever heard in the Post Office?

It is of course the dreaded, 'Do you feel like doing the editorial this week?'

She Who Should Always Be Obeyed If You Know What's Good For You, will never order you to do something, but somehow the piercing stare and the set stance gives it away that if you refuse something dire and probably unmentionable will happen to a doughnut stash near you very shortly. So here I am again, slaving over my keyboard to bring you this week's editorial, oh the pain, THE PAIN!!!!

Okay, so maybe I am being a tad melodramatic, after all as many of you know I am very rarely stuck for words, and this week is no exception. Of course I have been helped in this matter by writing an editorial in the week that will see the biggest publishing event ever seen in the world to date, with the arrival of the brand new Harry smiley - wizardPotter book this coming (or going - depending on when you read this) Saturday. No doubt this weighty tome will make an outstanding addition to any coffee table, and will keep those of us with a Hogswart's fettish much amused in the coming days and weeks, possibly months or years (depending on how quickly you read).

To mark this auspicious occasion, we have decided to celebrate in the Post Office by all wearing pointy hats, running around with broomsticks smiley - zoom between our legs and throwing cannon balls at each other in a childish attempt at pretending to play Quidditch. Yes we know how to enjoy ourselves here, plus we also know the quickest way to casualty so have no fear for our safety, oh the pain, smiley - injured THE PAIN!!!!

That's it then, another editorial read, now it's on to the good stuff. Share and Enjoy!!!

Greebo T. Cat

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