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This week is a first! Having temporarily lost her email connection, Terri dictated this entire article to spimcoot by use of a landphone! Now there's dedication - or madness1. smiley - winkeye

'Tis better to travel than arrive.'

An oft quoted phrase but not even quotations page can find who said it first. Not surprisingly, this sort of thing is very much on my mind at the moment, since Zed is even as I squeak en route from Birmingham2 to Angouleme. His chosen means of transporting self and assorted foodie-goodies seems to be:

  • bus
  • plane
  • train

Sounds a bit like that song trains and boats and planes.
As far as I know, no boats are involved, despite the fact that Birmingham has more miles of canals than Venice.

Not long ago I asked a few friends which method of transport they
preferred. Most opted for slow and steady reather than fast and furious.


A personal fantasy of mine (and possibly others) has always been the Orient
. Trains are often at the start of an Enid Blyton Famous Five3
adventure too. Let's hope Zed follows Dick's example when he arrives!

'A porter came up with a barrow. Dick turned to him, waved his hands again, and addressed the astonished man in fluent French. But the porter knew Dick quite well. "Go on with you," he said, "argy bargying in double Dutch like that."


I do fancy a nice cruise, so long as it's not on the Titanic, even the charms of Leonardo de Caprio - smiley - taJEllen - wouldn't persuade me, but the delights of deck tennis as featured in School Friends 19564 might persuade me to board the S.S. Sunshine, after all, not a lot of
skill is required it seems!

'He made to throw the quoit to her. But,
although he was standing still, the quoit again flew off at a tangent. And this time it flew high over the rails and out to sea. And it fell right into the boat of the small Indian boy.'

No, I'm NOT going to tell you what happened next, but it's jolly


Despite evidence that they are the safest form of transport, I remain deeply suspicious, although I do fancy trying a sea-plane, being of the
opinion that any plane equipped to deal with landing on water, of which
there is a lot on Earth, is slightly safer.

Jack, of Enid Blyton5 fame, certainly approves.

'"I wish I lived on an aeroplane" said Jack, when the air hostess brought them a tray full of most delicious food. "Why is food always so super on a plane? Look at these enormous peaches - and I don't think I've ever tasted such delicious sandwiches."

"This is fun!" said Lucy-Ann.

Yes it was fun!' *What* a bit of luck that Bill had to go on this trip.

Let's see what the Home of Today6 has to say on the subject of
transport, bearing in mind that the main idea of the book seems to be to encourage one NOT to go out but to gather round the domestic hearth.

Nothing on transport, trains, boats or planes!

I will NOT get distracted by such delights as:
The Importance of Handwork - 'and other occupations in later life which make an important contribution'

leading me logically enough to:
Stiffening agents' - 'Under-linen etc. One part standard starch to eight parts water'

and finally to:
Loss of Emission - 'which will usually cause poor quality reproduction as well as a general weakness.'

*Discreet cough*

More tea vicar?

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