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Do you live in Birmingham? Or did you used to but have tragically left? Or do you work there and commute in on our fine public transport system? Do you study at one of the many prestigious Universities? Did you visit once and quite like it? Did you once get delayed for 5 hours at New Street Station?

We're having a meet pop in and tell us when would be a good time for you - here.

Join The Exclusive Club for Birmingham Researchers1

Please just write your tenuous link to Birmingham and your post code below to join our illustrious society and change your life forever2

Please let me join...

Is there something that you'd like to know about Birmingham? Then go ahead and ask! Someone will be along soon to help answer your question..

I've always wanted to know this about Birmingham...

Our Illustrious Membership.. list (so far!)

  1. Terri and YodaWell Terri anyway, Yoda is a discerning feline who is an honorary member. They currently live in the South West of France but hail from Brum originally
  2. Z The Scout who Can't SpellA student in B29
  3. vogonpoetnot Capitalised
  4. loup.dargent
  5. Lighthousegirl UK she works in Brum and lives there during the week
  6. The Other Omylouse
  7. VIP (Very Important Princess)a student in B15
  8. St Nessaja Patron Saint of Pessimistic Aardvarks (GA!)A dental Student. Very nice
  9. Chan-Mick le FrogLives with Terri and Yoda
  10. Ictoan S.H.A.D.O.W. Secretary works in Birmingham during the week
  11. Granny Weatherwaxbrought up in Acocks Green
  12. Orcusalso works in Brum
  13. Master B
  14. møngfïsh · · · · ·
  15. Archangel(!) Dr Justin, BSc (Hons), BF, Patron Saint of Paper-Cuts, Ace, Scout, Sub {1+0-8+40+9=42} [Cheshire Grin Pub Quiz Winn
  16. vegantoo
  17. daSilva...(Agent Silvershine, Wannabe CA, MIA, rising slowly)Wow he's got one of those 5 figure U numbers!
1and those with a tenuous link to the city2Well a few minutes anyway

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