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Posted: 24thApril 2003


Hello cat fans, yes tis me Greebo T. Cat writing yet another overindulgent editorial this week, but for one week only I do have an excuse.

That I tend to ramble on in these things I doubt anyone would dispute, in fact just such a ramble brought into life the now infamous Doughnut Hole Column, which has been receiving steady patronage since its conception for which I am extremely grateful. It's always nice to
hear comments about your work, our writers put a lot of effort into the Post week after week, so if you are reading something you like please don't hesitate to tell the author about it. They will be very pleased to hear from you I am sure.

As to the excuse for writing this, it’s non other than the anniversary of my joining The Post on Friday 25th April 2002. Yes I have been working diligently behind the scenes in the office for a year now. A year of hard graft, fun and numerous doughnuts. The Post Office may not be the perfect place to work, but its very close, and honestly I could wish for no better boss than my dear friend Shazz, who encourages me in all my endeavours and buys in the numerous
doughnuts mentioned above.

Also as you may or may not know, me being of the cat type persuasion, I have the happy privilege to be allowed two birthdays a year. It must be something to do with a female cat being called a Queen. My real birthday falls quite uncannily on the 25th April as well, which is quite remarkable, you are all probably aware that I also celebrate a birthday on August 24th, when I shall be the ripe old age of 5. Gosh doesn't time fly, I shall not, my being a lady and not privy to discuss such things, tell you how old I shall be on Friday, it is of course a closely guarded secret, known to only those few who have managed to wheedle the figure out of me under duress.

Needless to say all doughnuts, small gifts or indeed large gifts will be gratefully received upon this momentous occasion, and all well wishes will be read with much appreciation. After all how many times do you get to show how much you care for one of the nicest cats called
Greebo you know. ~grin~

Okay enough from me, for as an old friend once asked me, 'Greebo do you ever shut up?' So faced with such an awesome query, I shall indeed stop writing and let you get on with reading some even more important stuff than my words of wisdom...

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