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Posted: 29thMay 2003


The end of May looms already

Where has the last half year gone? We are now up to edition clickety click, 166, of The Post and the contributions and standards are getting ever bigger and better. For this reason, we have now taken under our wing a trainee Deputy Editor who will work his way up from tea-making duties and dogsbody chores to the elevated heights of editing and, eventually, publishing your favourite online newspaper. Who is our new slave, you may ask? Well, it is none other than MaW, writer of 'Musings' and two fiction series. Please join us in welcoming him onboard.

In other news from around h2g2, Ormondroyd was interviewed on Radio Five about P.U.D.D.I.N.G. Read all about it in his feature article! Alongside MaW, we also welcome Fashion Cat with a revamped series based on the old h2g2 favourite 'On This Day in History'. Also, apologies for the missing cartoon - we had a few technical difficulties which will hopefully be resolved in the very near future.

Next week, we have a special reflective edition because I am off to the Isle of Wight for a very important family event. This means that there will be no 'live' copy as such, so no items are required until after 6th June.

Finally, a word of warning. As you may remember, one of our popular writers, useless hound or 'boots' recently lost her husband. She returns this week with a very powerful piece called 'Tomorrow is Too Long' which includes events and feelings which have encompassed her during the last two weeks. Some of you may find it upsetting, so please read with caution.



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