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"42 may well be the answer, but we believe

there are still many questions to be asked."
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This week:
Creating a new H2G2 Language

Links to all our regular features and series are at the bottom of the page but
first we want to share our excitement about the possibilities of creating
a new h2g2 vocabulary and language.

It is the nature of things, especially new things, to evolve their own vocabulary. Sometimes this evolution is a happy circumstance, a synchronistic falling together of new and old ideas.

Until now, in the realm of computers and the world wide web, new words and names for things have been fabricated in a very arbitrary and unilateral way, by anonymous geeks, hackers and webmasters. And then you and I are supposed to learn what a 'TWAIN' smiley - space is for example and just accept it as a given.

But no more!
Here at h2g2 we want to keep the new language vital and vibrant and democratically erected. We want the end users, you and me and all the other h2g2 researchers to be part of the process. There may be some heady and heavy work required; remember that here in the weightlessness of cyberspace we are trying to give birth to new ways of thinking and that requires new ways of talking.

U166251 says she was inspired by an earlier effort called H2 Jargon compiled by U168963, which is a comprehensive guide to hundreds of 'online' terminologies, many of them being unique to h2g2. Her entry is obviously a labour of love, and on her homepage, Dastardly says that A632431 is her pet project.
But no 'man' is an island!

So, Catwoman has taken it upon herself to create a new forum for your discussions:

by Catwoman

As she points out, there are several unique phenomena that have no name yet, and that's where you come in. By using Dastardly's original lists as a starting point and Catwoman's new Forum as the basis for an ongoing discussion, let's start talking about, and organising, the ways we express ourselves in this special and rarified atmosphere of Hootoo!

There is plenty of room for everyone to jump in and offer up their wisest wisdoms and wittiest witticisms. In coming months we will be needing people to coordinate the efforts of these two researchers and to work with them to compile a definitive dictionary of hootooisms.

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Our regular weekly features:

First let's start with one from


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Next we have
smiley - space [HPB] smiley - space currently projecting as
U198644smiley - weird
with a new installment in his Fantasy Series
FRAGMENTED - A Thanks for Discworld
an epic tale in many parts.

smiley - space Part V - Die Another Way smiley - space← NEW

In cae you haven't read the first four episodes:
Part I - Apocalypse Now
Part II - The Madness of King's Gorge
Part III - #In the Brownies'
Part IV - Blade Runner

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Fans well know that Darkwin's VOID FRUITCAKE series had been on hold while he dealt with exams
and all those visitors coming to Nepal for the 50th anniversary ceremonies on Mount Everest. But fear no more, because it is here:

NEW →smiley - spaceA1060156smiley - space← NEW

And if you haven't read the story so far, please enjoy these first:

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And now

something from the menu at
smiley - surfersmiley - space Spook's wonderful Spaced Out Guide smiley - spacesmiley - planet

Here's a definitive look at a handy space utensil which
every serious hiker should keep wrapped in their towel:

The Spork: An Archeological Perspective
by U209766

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CAC's Repository of
CAC Repository of Games for a Rainy Day
compiled and maintained by:

Subcom. Deidzoeb, herder of games]

And don't forget

There's always lots of fun with CAC in every issue of the h2g2POST.
If you know any overlooked writers or want to point us to any lost and forlorn entries that deserve a wider audience, please, just drop us a note by posting at:
the join AggGag/Cac in conversation page
Yes, smiley - ok of course
you can recommend your own compositions.
We'll let the

be the judge. smiley - devil

On behalf of the Committee for Alien



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"42 may well be the answer, but we believe

there are still many questions to be asked."

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