VOID FRUITCAKE: #7 About the Chatterbox

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This episode is seventh in the VF series. To read the sixth
episode click
on to VF: #6 Kick the Kicker of the Kicked

About The Chatterbox
In the black hole, things were getting pretty slow. Everyone knew it,
everyone wanted something to be done about it, everyone felt sorry
they wanted someone else to be doing that something... but nothing
happened. That pretty much summed up being part of a society
the common thought went. Herald reached into his pocket, grabbed
something and out came HOLO, the mint with a pole... the pole being a
way to make people actually buy the stuff (marketing the very thing
they're hugely profitting from and are ripping the buyers of), which
again, happens to be the pole.

"Want a Holo? The mint with the pole?" Herald offered. Actually it
wasn't a mint with a pole, it really only was a pole
and nothing

"Is that the first thing you say when you're thrown off into a black
Birk said, irritated. At least he hoped he sounded irritated.

"Yea... i think that's just what happened. See, you didn't really
have to ask me that," Herald cheerfully announced.

"Chatterbox..." Sigmund murmured, way too loud in the void.

"Ah! Chatterbox! That's something to ponder about. What is it with
that word? Doesn't mean anything... I mean you there IS nothing like
a 'chatterbox' that exists. Ofcourse, there could have been a certain
box that kept saying stuff, but since a machine repeats a lot, it
would be called a parrot, and not a chatterbox. So you see,
chatterboxes aren't really what they are, they're parrots - and
that's if they existed. But in the case they dont, and they probably
wont ever be, 'chatterbox' has no apprent meaning. So by citing
someone chatterbox, you're not citing anything at all. See how weak
that word is? Means nothing...!" With that, Herald ended his lecture.

Stunned, Sigmund started, "Just pro..." And decided to leave it

For a while, all was silent. Surprisingly, even Herald was. That was
a silent shock felt by everyone... everything really! Since the
possiblity of actually calling Herald a chatterbox was ruled out, we
come up with a newer entry for our hyperdictionaries -
"chatterthing". But the word chatter sounded too cheesy, so now it's
"yapperthing". So, we go on. Herald, the terrarialistic yapperthing,
was now fidling around with the HOLO wrapper, trying, unsuccessfully
to pass it around for one very important reason - nobody was actually
thinking anything, all expecting others to do it.

The feeling of nothing was... nothing really. Things seemed to be
developing, all mindtraps... if such things existed. A bird seemed to
be chirping - illusion. A cat seemed to be purring - illusing. A
terrarialistic being seemed to be gargling - illusion. An explosion
seemed to blast them - illu...?


It was real!

This has been the seventh episode of the Void Fruitcake series
titled VF: #7 About The Chatterbox. For a list of all
episodes, go to Darkwin's Personal

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