CAC Repository of Games for a Rainy Day

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CAC Repository of Games for a Rainy Day

You can find games in the Edited Guide easily, but this page should help you find the unedited ones that run below the radar.

I make no attempt to list all the Edited Guide entries about games, but there's a link to the Games & Puzzles category of the Edited Guide. If you know of any unedited guide entries about games that should be added, please drop a message in a forum below.


herder of games

Last updated May 17, 2003.

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Board Games [3]
Card Games [7]
Computer and Video Games [7]
Games Played on h2g2 [6]
Groups for Gamers [6]
Party Games1 [6]
Role-Playing Games2 [2]
Word Games [7]
Others3 [6?]

Please note that there's some overlap between "Word Games" and "Games Played on h2g2," so check out both of those sections if you're interested in either of them.

Edited Guide Entries

Just a few, reluctantly included to explain gaming basics.
Games (List of all games in Edited Guide)
Computer Games (List of all those in Edited Guide)

Article Really Loosely Related to Gaming, Included Because A Friend Suggested It


"Games for a Rainy Day" began as a special issue for

but got inflated into something bigger

with the encouragement of ~jwf~.

Please follow those two links above

for weird entries and jokes

and stories you'll see nowhere else.


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1Simple games that allow for several players and require minimal props, the classic example being Charades.2This section refers to "pen and paper" RPGs. See also Computer and Video Games if that's what you're looking for.3Drinking Games, Sports/Playground Games, etc.

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