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Never one to let a good idea go to waste1, I would like to reintroduce to
h2g2 'On This Day In
, slightly tweaked into a new,
shiny format. The lovely Italix had the presence of
mind to drop a number of pages where people could
leave their fun-filled facts. Why not pop over and
drop a suggestion. It may well find its way onto the

29th May

  • 1884

    The first steam cable trams run in Highgate, London.

  • 1919

    Arthur Eddington confirms Albert Einstein's prediction
    that light does not always travel in straight lines.

  • 1939

    Birthday of Nanette Newman. The lady who's hands could
    do dishes in the Fairy Washing Up Liquid ads
    was also cast in International Velvet.

  • 1949

    Birthday of Francis Rossi, front man of the band
    Status Quo. His elder brother Mark was also born on
    this day, in 1945. Mark was also an original member of
    the band.

  • 1985

    39 Juventus fans die at Heysel Stadium, Brussels. This
    was a result of a wall collapsing before the European
    cup final against Liverpool.

Researcher's Born On This Day

30th May

  • 1431

    Joan of Arc is burned by the English at Rouen, after
    claims that she is a witch. The only proof? She had
    beaten the English in battle. Definite qualification.

  • 1672

    Birthday of Peter I 'the Great' of Russia. St.
    Petersburg is named after the Tsar.

  • 1889

    The demon article of clothing to all females, the
    brassiere is invented. It removed the need to wear the

  • 1975

    The formation of the European Space Agency (ESA). ESA
    went on to launch payloads from the Ariane series of

Researcher's Born On This Day

31st May

  • 1819

    Birthday of poet Walt Whitman. Whitman's Leaves of
    was controversial in its day, with regards
    to content and style. It celebrates the American

  • 1857

    Birthday of Pope Pius XI. Born Ambrogio Damiano
    Achille Ratti, he was the 259th pope of the Roman
    Catholic Church. He reigned from 6 February 1922 to 10
    February 1939.

  • 1930

    Birthday of movie actor Clint Eastwood. He has had a
    successful career playing Western lawmen who shoot bad
    guys, loose cannon modern day law officers who shoot
    bad guys and Western outlaws who shoot worse

  • 1970

    In Chimbote, Peru, an earthquake measuring 7.75 on the
    Richter scale killed more than 50,000, more than 100,000 were injured and 800,000 left homeless.

    Demon Drawer

  • 1990
    Premiere of Seinfeld. The show was to
    become a cultural icon in many different countries,
    with memorable catchphrases as 'yadda, yadda,
    , 'no soup for you', 'master of my
    , and countless others. Jerry, Elaine,
    George and Kramer will be with us in reruns for years
    to come, thankfully!
    Jimi X

Researcher's Born On This Day

1st June

  • 1926

    Birthday of Marilyn Monroe. Born Norma Jeane
    Mortenson, or Baker, in Los Angeles, California,

  • 1968

    Premier of The Prisoner. The show brought us
    Patrick McGoohan's famous portrayal of Number 6, as
    well as 'I am not a number; I am a free man!'


  • 1980

    Start date for CNN, the Cable News Network. It
    was the first all-news network on television.


Researcher's Born On This Day

2nd June

  • 1740

    Birthday of the Marquis de Sade. The Frenchman
    published erotic writings and gave rise to the term

  • 1965

    Birthday of Stephen Waugh, Australian Cricket Captain.
    Of course, being a twin, it's also the birthday of
    fellow international cricketer Mark Waugh.

  • 1967
    Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band released
    by the Beatles.

  • 1999

    Pope John Paul II blesses the official (900 space)
    Vatican City parking garage. It is situated on
    Janiculum Hill.

Researcher's Born On This Day

3rd June

  • 1916

    Birthday of Leo Bernard Gorcey. He became the leader
    of the 1940s comedy team The Bowery Boys

  • 1965

    Gemini IV is launched. It was the second two-man US
    flight and lasted 4 days, 1 hour 56 minutes and 12
    seconds. The two astronauts were James A. McDivitt and
    Edward H. White II. The flight featured the first
    extravehicular activity ('space walk’) by an

  • 1978

    The Guinness Book of Records is recognised as the most
    stolen book from British libraries. According to
    itself that is.

4th June

  • 780 BC

    The 1st reliable record of a total solar eclipse.
    Captured by Chinese astronomers.

  • 1927

    The 1st Ryder Golf Cup. The US managed to beat England
    by 9-2.

  • 1940

    German forces enter Paris during WWII.

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