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Where are our researchers from?

Post 241

Fruitbat (Eric the)

With that sort of background I'll nominate you to run for the Premiership of BC. You should get on well with the rest of Parliament.


Where are our researchers from?

Post 242

Fruitbat (Eric the)

I'm in Vancouver, Canada although I was born in England and am aching to return...actually, I rather fancy being an extraterrestrial, that would explain so much....


Where are our researchers from?

Post 243

Fruitbat (Eric the)

Wonko the Sane, by any other name, would be as effective.


Where are our researchers from?

Post 244

Fruitbat (Eric the)

If Douglas is planning any more "Meaning of Liff" books, some of these places MUST be considered.


Where are our researchers from?

Post 245

Fruitbat (Eric the)

Oh, there's still Frankenfood (and the amusing birth-defects that may result from unknown modifications of plants that are untested) to keep us all going, also to mention the hydroponics industry and soya supplies.....assuming there's actually buildings dedicated to growing food instead of planting it for the weather to get at....


Where are our researchers from?

Post 246

Fruitbat (Eric the)

While I can neither provide a job for either of you here, or have any likelihood of landing a job there, I'd love to swap cities with you as I don't get out enough and Vancouver is just too familiar to me.....


Where are our researchers from?

Post 247


I feel a bit lonely among all you english-speaking people, but I might as well admit it. I come from a very small scandinavian country that is famous (since it was the only thing it was mentioned for in HGTTG) for it's thermostatic controls. In other words, Denmark.

Where are our researchers from?

Post 248


I'm from a small town no one has heard of in the south west of england on the edge of Dartmoor, Ashburton. Believe me when I say it sux smiley - smiley

Where are our researchers from?

Post 249


I don't mind admitting I'm another one from England (Hampshire to be precise). Will ffmike be doing another running total? I have a strong suspicion that there are more English people than the figures suggest (what's interesting about saying you are from England?).

Where are our researchers from?

Post 250



Yet another one from Ye Olde England.
Originally from london moved up north to Shrewsbury after 7 years and now decided to come back down to London for Uni.
If i've counted right this should take the number of researchers who've submitted on here to over 100. nice.

Where are our researchers from?

Post 251

Researcher 93445

Your wish is my slightly-felt desire, or something like that.

As always, for those of us who listed multiple places, I chose the
current residence (assuming I could figure out which one that is),
unless the researcher emphatically specified some other city as
home. If you snuck a response into the conversation somewhere up
above and I missed it it's your own fault.

I've also updated the spiffy & pointless pie chart of these
results over on my home page. Come visit and see. As a bonus, you
can find out how to sign up for the strictly-unofficial H2G2
mailing list there as well.

1 Amsterdam
1 Total insisting it's not in the Netherlands

1 Argentina

1 Broome
2 Canberra
1 Stirling
1 Sydney
2 (unspecified Australia)
7 Total Australia

1 Sao Paulo
1 Total Brazil

1 Alberta
2 British Columbia
1 Ontario
1 Quebec
1 Saskatchewan
6 Total Canada

1 Copenhagen
1 Unspecified Denmark
2 Total Denmark

1 Bearwood
1 Brize Norton
1 Cirencester
1 County Durham
1 Dover
1 Durham
1 Gloucester
1 Great Haseley
2 Hampshire
1 Isle of Wight
1 Leicester
4 London
1 Oxford
2 Manchester
1 Merton, South London
1 Newbury
1 Peak District
1 Plymouth
1 Reading
1 Redditch
1 Sheffield
1 Stoke-on-Trent
1 Warrington
1 Yateley
4 (unspecified England)
34 Total England

3 Germany

1 Hong Kong

1 Cork
1 Dublin
1 Galway
1 Kerry
4 Total Ireland

1 Breda
1 Haarlem
1 Rijswijk
1 Steenwijk
4 Total Netherlands

2 Auckland
1 Dunedin
1 Wellington
4 Total New Zealand

1 Paradis
3 (unspecified Norway)
4 Total Norway

1 Glasgow
1 Gourock
1 Inverness
3 Total Scotland

1 Solna
2 Stockholm
3 Total Sweden

1 Alabama
1 Alaska
2 California
1 Colorado
3 Florida
3 Massachusetts
1 New Hampshire
1 New Jersey
2 North Carolina
4 Ohio
1 Pennsylvania
1 Washington
1 (unspecified USA)
22 Total USA

1 Barry
1 Rachub
2 Total Wales

102 Grand Total participating

The Summary

Post 252


I just wanted to add my beloved state. I'm from Austin, Texas. Yee haw, y'all.

Where are our researchers from?

Post 253

Golfy (Researcher 106142)

I'm afraid I'm yet another brit... Down in the Westcountry - Wiltshire - Not too far from Bath

Merry Christmas!!

Where are our researchers from?

Post 254


Hi Golfy! Welcome to H2G2! smiley - winkeye


Where are our researchers from?

Post 255


just noticed the woeful lack of a scottish presence.... can we take it up to a giddy 4 if i say that i'm in edinburgh? ta.

btw, ffmike: nice pie-chart

Where are our researchers from?

Post 256


Only three researchers from Sweden,
and all of them from the Stockholm area?
Scary! Let me be the fourth, and register
me as a swede from the rural
parts, please smiley - smiley

Where are our researchers from?

Post 257


I'm from Rhyl, Wales. And Alundra's from the tribesmen of Elna.

Where are our researchers from?

Post 258

Lady Belle

Im from the sub-devision called Lakeside of the town called Raymond Terrace which is near to the city of Newcastle in the state of New South Wales in the country of Australia in the Southern Hemisphere...etc.etc.etc..smiley - smiley

Where are our researchers from?

Post 259


Well.. I'm from The Netherlands (Noord Brabant)... any other Dutch people here?

Where are our researchers from?

Post 260


Sounds nice miss...smiley - winkeye

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