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Where are our researchers from?

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When I get involved in an online community, I'm always curious to know where people are from. Personally, I'm from Alaska in the USA. Anybody else want to disclose their homeland?

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Who hoo another American

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It seems like the bulk of us are from merry old England, which I geuss is where most of the press coverage for this project has been. But with 25,000 registered people, there are bound to be folks from all over, right?

I, myself, am from the Boston area (as in NEW England, heh).

Where are our researchers from?

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Taipan - Jack of Hearts

I guess I'm from Scotland. The reason I say guess is I was actually born here, but didn't hang around too long, and in tracing my relatives, discovered my fathers side is from Scotland, while my mother is English, and here father was born in America.

To be specific and trace it all the way back to man's first steps - or even prior to this - seems to me to be just too damn much work.

So, yes I guess I'm from Scotland, but technically I'm a little confused.

Where are our researchers from?

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Why do you want to know? Who sent you? Do you work for the Government? Bill Gates? Why does my dog keep "Beep"ing? I don't know anything! I wasn't there! IT'S NOT MY FAULT!!!!! (sob, sob, whimper...)

Sometimes, late at night, I like to wash my socks in Soda Water so my feet will fizz. Will you be my friend?

Where are our researchers from?

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Cheerful Dragon

Born: London, England
Grew up: Coventry, England
Current home town: Redditch, England
Parents (if you care): English father, German mother
Genetic pedigree: mongrel (great-grandparents from Denmark, Poland and Scotland (I think))

Hope that helps. If so, please explain it to me!

Where are our researchers from?

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Mike A (snowblind)

I'm living in Plymouth, England. How many people would get that confused with the Plymouth in America?
In my opinion my birthplace, Bristol (England again), is a whole lot preferable to where I'm living now. Maybe if I stayed in Bristol long enough I'd get to hate it. Maybe not.

Where are our researchers from?

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I'm currently residing on Earth, but the place I'm from is no longer in existence. HTH. smiley - winkeye

a/s/l checks byte. smiley - winkeye

Where are our researchers from?

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What's really cool about the H2G2 is I've never had an impulse to look at anybody's home pages in any other community. Now, every time I read an interesting entry, I feel compelled to check out the writer's home here.

Boy, so much aimless musings from me. I gotta think of something more constructive to post about. smiley - smiley

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Where are our researchers from?

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And yeah, Turtle, I would have never known about this site if I hadn't found the link to it from DNA's website. I imagine this site is a bit more apparent from the British Isles. Or am I wrong on this?

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Where are our researchers from?

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No more HTML tags! They ain't working!

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smiley - smileyhehe smiley - smiley</smiley>

Where are our researchers from?

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Asteroid Lil - Offstage Presence

Stop that, I say! Stop tagging!

I'm in Florida. Actually, watching the time zone is a good way
to chart who's active. Like the only Brits likely to be around right now are either insomniac or night shift workers. Or extraterrestrials.

I don't think I have ever seen an ad banner for H2G2, although I am not a rabid surfer. Where should they advertise?


Where are our researchers from?

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That's because they have too much class!

Where are our researchers from?

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Lupa Mirabilis, Serious Inquisitor

I'm from Southern California, currently attending school in the San Francisco Bay area.

Where are our researchers from?

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*looking around*
must be germany

Where are our researchers from?

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I'm living in Vancouver, Canada, but in a few months we will be moving to Cape Town, South Africa. After that, who knows...

Where are our researchers from?

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I live in one of the more wellconstructed fjords of Norway. smiley - smiley


Where are our researchers from?

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None other than the Hurricane Magnet itself, Cape Hatteras, NC, USA

Now if you'll excuse me, I must go pump all the water from my yard so I can begin cleaning up the debirs.

Where are our researchers from?

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AEndr, The Mad Hatter

Born & Grew up: Wallasey, Wirral, England (that's North-West England, between Liverpool and Wales but I'm not Scouse or Welsh)
Undergraduate Degree: London
Postgraduate Degree (current): Oxford

my mother is Brummy (Birmingham)
my father Wallasey

and going further back (Grandparents)...
English, Scots, Irish, Welsh, Devon, Cornwall
so I suppose I am pretty thoroughly BRITISH
I certainly feel British

Where are our researchers from?

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Currently County Kerry on the West Coast of Ireland. Very beautiful, very wet.

Where are our researchers from?

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On http://www.douglasadams.com. Maybe on some literary web pages, too. But with thousands of members (Lords, I can't even begin to comprehend that!) I don't think they need much advertising! smiley - smiley

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