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Where are our researchers from?

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Researcher 53005,emeraldcitizen

Hi ,just thought I'd screw things up completely with this entry.
I am currently residing in Aberdeen in Scotland, I was born and brought up in Wexford in the Republic of Ireland and my ancestry is Franco-Norman, Lets see what this does to the stats!!! smiley - winkeye

Where are our researchers from?

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Good Question! smiley - smiley I began in London,ENGLAND, but left there many years ago. Since then I have lived in Pennsylvania, USA; Harare, Chinoi, Gweru and Marondera, ZIMBABWE; Denia and Pamis, SPAIN; Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA; Mafikeng, SOUTH AFRICA; Pattaya, THAILAND; San Salvador, EL SALVADOR and now I am living in Mantin, MALAYSIA. I now consider myself a citizen of Earth and culturally diverse.smiley - bigeyes

Where are our researchers from?

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Miss Archy

I'm from New York, USA (a true yank smiley - smiley ). Oh, and I'm from upstate NY, not the city.

Where are our researchers from?

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Where is this earth place, anyhow?

Stiff upper lip chaps!

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Fire Valkyrie

I know another Canadian! He just hasn't posted here. But come to think of it he's british by birth... Oh drats.
and me? I'm Swedish. I've seen two norwiegans so far but no swedes. I wonder if I'm the only one?

Where are our researchers from?

Post 266

Fire Valkyrie

I do believe they are called Polar bears...
and IKEA is Swedish. I think. I should know... But I don't - not really, now that I think about it...

Where are our researchers from?

Post 267

Fire Valkyrie

oh dear,
I should have read through ALL the posts before I assumed I was the only swede who knew of this place. But I'm glad someone could confirm that IKEA was swedish.

Where are our researchers from?

Post 268

Fire Valkyrie

*catches breath* Finally at the end of this long thing! Just thought I'd clearify (since my other replies are entangled with the long thread of posts) that I'm from SWEDEN. Southern Sweden (Lund) to be exact, but that will change in a few weeks after which revolution I'll end up in HÄLLEKIS - hopefully not for too long. So count me as the fifth Swede, will you ffmike?

Happy New Year, fellow researchers

Where are our researchers from?

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lee lee

I'm from Long Island New York USA.
Born:Amityville,NY(as in The Amityville Horrer)
Raised:All over the island mentioned above
Three years in Germany
Lived as an adult:New Paltz NY
Summerville SC
Steele MO
Blytheville AS
Groton CT
and now:eastend of Long Island,small town called Wading River
I am proud to be a New Yorker.It's a wonderful place to be.

Where are our researchers from?

Post 270

Researcher 93445

OK, update time. Enjoy. Maybe it's time to start a new thread?

As always, for those of us who listed multiple places, I chose the
current residence (assuming I could figure out which one that is),
unless the researcher emphatically specified some other city as
home. If you snuck a response into the conversation somewhere up
above and I missed it it's your own fault.

I've also updated the spiffy & pointless pie chart of these
results over on my home page. Come visit and see. As a bonus, you
can find out how to sign up for the strictly-unofficial H2G2
mailing list there as well.

1 Amsterdam
1 Total insisting it's not in the Netherlands

1 Argentina

1 Broome
2 Canberra
1 Raymond Terrace
1 Stirling
1 Sydney
2 (unspecified Australia)
8 Total Australia

1 Sao Paulo
1 Total Brazil

1 Alberta
2 British Columbia
1 Ontario
1 Quebec
1 Saskatchewan
6 Total Canada

1 Copenhagen
1 Unspecified Denmark
2 Total Denmark

1 Bearwood
1 Brize Norton
1 Cirencester
1 County Durham
1 Dover
1 Durham
1 Gloucester
1 Great Haseley
2 Hampshire
1 Isle of Wight
1 Leicester
4 London
1 Oxford
2 Manchester
1 Merton, South London
1 Newbury
1 Peak District
1 Plymouth
1 Reading
1 Redditch
1 Sheffield
1 Stoke-on-Trent
1 Warrington
1 Wiltshire
1 Yateley
4 (unspecified England)
35 Total England

3 Germany

1 Hong Kong

1 Cork
1 Dublin
1 Galway
1 Kerry
4 Total Ireland

1 Mantin
1 Total Malaysia

1 Breda
1 Haarlem
1 Noord Brabant
1 Rijswijk
1 Steenwijk
5 Total Netherlands

2 Auckland
1 Dunedin
1 Wellington
4 Total New Zealand

1 Paradis
3 (unspecified Norway)
4 Total Norway

1 Aberdeen
1 Edinburgh
1 Glasgow
1 Gourock
1 Inverness
5 Total Scotland

1 Lund
1 Solna
2 Stockholm
1 the rural parts
5 Total Sweden

1 Alabama
1 Alaska
2 California
1 Colorado
3 Florida
3 Massachusetts
1 New Hampshire
1 New Jersey
1 New York
2 North Carolina
4 Ohio
1 Pennsylvania
1 Washington
1 (unspecified USA)
23 Total USA

1 Barry
1 Rachub
1 Rhyl
3 Total Wales

112 Grand Total participating

Where are our researchers from?

Post 271


But where is this place called Earth?
(Soe say I have no grasp on reality. I have a very firm grasp on reality. Just because it's not the same reality as YOUR reality, you pick on me.)

Where are our researchers from?

Post 272


Once we have completed the Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy - Earth Edition - you will be able to find your way there and then you will know! Until then you must remain lost in space. Keep in touch we will try to find you before it is too late!

Where are our researchers from?

Post 273


Well, I guess I'll try again since I didn't make it on this summary. I'm from Austin, Texas.

Where are our researchers from?

Post 274

Researcher 93445

Whoops! Sorry, Stella. I missed your previous posting (I try to scan the entire topic when I update, but it's getting so long that it's hard to keep track of everything). I'll get you into the next summary, I promise. My wife's from Texas and I'll never hear the end of if it I don't!

Where are our researchers from?

Post 275

Amy: ear-deep in novels, poetics, and historical documents.

Born: Virginia, USA
Raised/presently living: Pennsylvania, USA (in a county lovingly known as "Amishville" to her inhabitants... and LAN-cast-ER to non-inhabitants.)
ps, it's pronounced lan-cast-ER... (um. yeah, i think so. i can say it, not spell-sound it smiley - winkeye) sorry, I always think it's funny to hear out-of-towners say it wrong. smiley - smiley

~Amy †

Where are our researchers from?

Post 276


Born : Auckland,NZ
Reside: Blenheim, NZ
And since I've stumbled on this because I 'researching' for Kiwis I would really like to find more of you out there. Can be difficult 'cos Kiwis are known to be shy, retiring, nocturnal types.....smiley - winkeye

Where are our researchers from?

Post 277

Demon Drawer

Well ffmike as you visited my homepage I popped by your and discovered this. I see the Irish have been leading the Celts for most of the way, until a recent surge by the Scots. So to uphold the Irish end I am at least 10th generation Irish, before that the records are cinders. Although the family are of Scottish descent somewhere.

So Co. Down, N. Ireland. And it appears I'm all alone in the North, although there is another out there, as I've read his article on Belfast.

Where are our researchers from?

Post 278


Born: Manchester, UK
Live: I alternate between Manchester and Durham, depending on whether or not its term time... Manchester 'till the end of this week. smiley - fish

Where are our researchers from?

Post 279


Since when were Kiwis shy and retiring during rugby and cricket matches, Keeza? You've repeatedly unmercifuly thrashed us Poms without being shy about it at all!

My mum told me I was born under a gooseberry bush at the bottom of our garden, so that must be where I'm from......

Where are our researchers from?

Post 280

Fate Amenable To Change

I was born in London and after living in Bucks, Lancs, Tyne and Wear and Worcs, I now live in Birmingham, England.
And Can whoever the Stokie was explain to me why Stokies are totally incapable of saying they are from Stoke without also rattling off a list of Famous Folk Of Stoke?

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