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Where are our researchers from?

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Stoke-on-Trent England.
Home of some of the finest pottery in the world (also alot of toilets), birthplace of Nick Hancock, Neil Morrisey, Robbie Williams and regretfully Anthe Turner.

Where are our researchers from?

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Lost in Scotland

Nationality: Swedish
P.O.B.: Torsås (Thor's Crest if you translate it properly, or Thor Sauce, if you don't)
Current residence: Gourock, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Found H2G2: Through www.douglasadams.com

Where are our researchers from?

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Where I am from and where I am are two different things...

I am from (as in born and raised) in the vicinity of Manchester,
England, Dukinfield to be exact.

I am now in London, England, WC1E to be exact.

Saw H2G2 linked from http://slashdot.org/


Where are our researchers from?

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Born: Sheffield, England, though lived my first 2yrs 9mths in North Anston, 20miles north of Sheffield. Have lived in Sheffield since (parents presently live near Dore, which has some historic relevance which I presently can't remember), though I'm currently studying in Portsmouth. Count me as a Sheffielder, though, as I miss the hills.

Sheffield famous for? Stainless Steel and Michael Palin amongst others.

Oh, and I hope you don't mind but I'll avoid the fried elk - I'm vegetarian. Though I think there's one or two people at Mercedes who might be interested...

Where are our researchers from?

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Oh, and did anyone else here find out about h2g2 through that chat event with DNA on beeb.com back in July?

Where are our researchers from?

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Mike A (snowblind)

Plymouth is famous for Dawn French, Beryl Cook (I think that's the name), and various historic events.

And what exactly is that slashdot.org thing about?

Where are our researchers from?

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Windermere, British Columbia Canada.
Although now I'm at university in Saskatchewan--cold and flat.

Where are our researchers from?

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Tim the Magrathean

Great thread this - could go on for ages. Just to keep it going, I'm from the Isle of Wight (pronounced as white and often misspelled that way too) which is just off the south coast of England. Anyone else out there from islands?

Where are our researchers from?

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São Paulo, Brazil smiley - smiley

Where are our researchers from?

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Researcher 93445

And now the moment very few of you have been waiting for...

As always, for those of us who listed multiple places, I chose the
current residence (assuming I could figure out which one that is),
unless the researcher emphatically specified some other city as
home. If you snuck a response into the conversation somewhere up
above and I missed it it's your own fault.

NEW! If you'd like to see a spiffy and pointless pie chart of
these results, c'mon over and visit my researcher page.

1 Amsterdam
1 Total insisting it's not in the Netherlands

1 Argentina

1 Broome
2 Canberra
1 Stirling
1 Sydney
2 (unspecified Australia)
7 Total Australia

1 Sao Paulo
1 Total Brazil

1 Alberta
2 British Columbia
1 Ontario
1 Quebec
1 Saskatchewan
6 Total Canada

1 Copenhagen
1 Total Denmark

1 Bearwood
1 Cirencester
1 County Durham
1 Dover
1 Durham
1 Gloucester
1 Great Haseley
1 Hampshire
1 Isle of Wight
1 Leicester
3 London
1 Oxford
2 Manchester
1 Merton, South London
1 Newbury
1 Peak District
1 Plymouth
1 Reading
1 Redditch
1 Sheffield
1 Stoke-on-Trent
1 Warrington
1 Yateley
4 (unspecified England)
31 Total England

3 Germany

1 Cork
1 Dublin
1 Galway
1 Kerry
4 Total Ireland

1 Breda
1 Haarlem
1 Rijswijk
1 Steenwijk
4 Total Netherlands

2 Auckland
1 Dunedin
1 Wellington
4 Total New Zealand

1 Paradis
3 (unspecified Norway)
4 Total Norway

1 Glasgow
1 Gourock
1 Inverness
3 Total Scotland

1 Solna
1 Stockholm
2 Total Sweden

1 Alabama
1 Alaska
2 California
1 Colorado
2 Florida
3 Massachusetts
1 New Hampshire
2 North Carolina
3 Ohio
1 Pennsylvania
1 Washington
1 (unspecified USA)
19 Total USA

1 Barry
1 Rachub
2 Total Wales

93 Grand Total participating

Where are our researchers from?

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Luna(Queen of Hearts)

This is not a correction, just so you'll know.
There are actually 4 Ohio's. One of our illustrious researchers has been in this forum to comment, but not specified a place.
In honor of his/her privacy, I will not give a name. smiley - winkeyesmiley - winkeye

(just felt like throwing that in. smiley - smiley


Where are our researchers from?

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Neon Moone

Tack on one from New Jersey. In the Philadelphia Metro region.

Where are our researchers from?

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The Duke of Dunstable

Did I mention I too come from Stockholm, Sweden? No, I didn't. I haven't been in this forum before. Awell.

Where are our researchers from?

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Hi, just thought i'd throw in my details if you are all interested
Born, Derby, England (famous for Rolls-Royce, Crown Derby and a crap football team!!)
Now living in Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, England (not famous for anything but it has an RAF base)
Moving to Bruggen in Germany next March (don't know if it's famous for anything but has an RAF base, which is why i'm going)

Where are our researchers from?

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I've heard of it as I live in Brize Norton. There don't you feel much better now!!!!

Where are our researchers from?

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I was born on Long Island, New york. I lived there for 21 years. I then moved to Tampa, Fl with my family 5 and 1/2 years ago. I have been here ever since.

Where are our researchers from?

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Wand'rin star

This thread has now got long enough for me to tangle. Like Technicolor Yawn 3 weeks ago i live in a small village in Lincolnshire (except that I'm currently working in Hong Kong. I got here via ('most recent first' as they say on job application forms) Bulgaria, Australia, Poland, Shanghai, Cameroon, Lesotho, Malawi, Ethiopia, and Switzerland from the University of Leeds, with two years out in London and Birmingham to enable me to get the bits of paper I needed to teach Engliah as a foreign language

Where are our researchers from?

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Is mise Duncan

Engliah seems a very foreign language to me smiley - smiley

Where are our researchers from?

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Dancing Ermine

Yep, I wouldn't be on this site if I didn't speak it.(I've already posted to this with my location so no need to include me again)

Where are our researchers from?

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Bran the Explorer

Yep ... I'm from an island. Born Launceston - pronounced Lon-sess-ton - (Tasmania), left at 18months (very precocious), Adelaide (South Australia), Woollongong (New South Wales), Rabaul (Papua New Guinea), Brisbane (Queensland), back to Hobart (Tassie). A long round trip!

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