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What's in a name?

Here, I thought that I'd explain why I am who I am on here, namely Lost in Scotland. The questions Why will be answered, even if they have not been asked.

Why Lost? Well, have you ever moved to a place you barely know? This might be for various reasons1. If you have, you most certainly have had that feeling of lostness in the beginning, before you really get to know the place better. I got that feeling as I emigrated from Sweden in June of the year 1999. That's "why Lost".

1New job, witness protection program, bored of the everyday life you live in general.
Why Scotland? Why not?:-) No, seriously, the place I emigrated to from Sweden was Scotland. Greenock to be more exact, about 30 miles west of Glasgow. That's "why Scotland".

Why move in the first place?

Employment opportunity. I was sitting at my job in Sweden (it was a Tuesday), bored out of my mind, browsing the job centre home page, looking for more interesting work, and there it was. "We need people for our call centre in Scotland." On Wednesday the following week, I got a phone call that they wanted me to come work for them in Scotland. So I did.

Who are "they" in the previous section?

"They" are IBM. Actually, I'm not really employed by IBM, but rather by Manpower, a recruitment company, who has contracted me to IBM because IBM couldn't manage to find call centre personnel by themselves. They2 like to look for people who build computers instead.

So, who am I?

Do you want me to put it simply, or evolve everything, starting from birth? That's what I thought, so here comes the simply put version:
I'm a 25-year old emigrant from Sweden, currently living in Greenock, Scotland. I'm just a call agent, and most of the time I work in a blue building and lead a very uneventful life, I drive a Peugeot, a black one, but what I'm dealin' with here is one of the most informative medias the earth has ever known3. And I don't know what the hell I'm doing!!! I have discovered something about myself: I'm a Forumer. I have been here since June, 1999, and I haven't submitted any articles of my own, I just lurk around at Forums and air my opinions in there. There's lots of ideas for potential articles, but I never seem to get started on doing any real research. And if I do get started with something, I don't seem to get through with it. Oh well. Never mind.

I like to read when I can make myself spare some time, and when I read it's mostly fantasy books, like the works of David Eddings, Jennifer Roberson4 and Robin Hobb. I have to admit that I still haven't read more by J.R.R. Tolkien than "The Hobbit", which some people think is way uncool. The fact is that I can hardly get through the first few pages of his books, and that isn't much good, is it?

I am not a very athletic person, but there are a few sports I would like to try out or play more than I can do at the current moment.
I would really like to try playing American Football5, and the past spring, I've followed the ups and downs of the Scottish Claymores, the local NFL Europe team, based in Glasgow.
Another thing I'd like to try out is Rugby, another sport that isn't too wide-spread in Sweden. I wasn't very interested in it while I was in Sweden, but after the extensive coverage of the Rugby World Cup last year, I've changed my mind.
Okay, I know that both of these sports seem pretty violent, but I still think they'd be fun to try out.
One thing I miss from Sweden, sports-wise, is floor ball. Kind of like field hockey, but indoors. Really good exercise sport that anyone can play. The equipment is a very hard thing to get hold of around here, though, which makes it rather difficult to play here.

So, what do I do?

What I do for a living can easily be described as "sitting around all day, waiting for two beeps to sound in my ears". When these two beeps beep6, I start talking. Most of the time a voice then replies to what I say, making it an official conversation. You could say that I hear voices and you would be correct. I do hear voices, mostly the voices of people who's on the virge of panic, since their stuff has broken down and they want someone to fix it for them. After talking to them for a bit, I tell them that someone will get in touch with them and fix their problem. That's what I do.

Places to go - Non-H2G2

  • No day is complete until you've checked the daily User Friendly cartoon strip. The friendliest ISP around. Also check out their archives. One strip published every day since Nov. 17, 1997.7
  • A rabbit, married to a wolf? How is that possible? Check out Herdthinners.com to find out. The wonders of the internet.
  • The nuttiest online cartoon you could ever find. Sluggy Freelance All I can say is: Is it not nifty?
  • If you know Swedish, then SkrattNet is a great site for a laugh. If you don't know any Swedish, I guess that Jokes 2000 probably makes more sense.8
7I recommend you go to the UF search engine and search for "support". Greg is God!8I like SkrattNet better, though, because yours truly was "employed" as a translator there.
Places to go - H2G2
  • If you want to find more people to play with, see who's online right now.
  • Do you have an opinion? Of course you do! Go see what the topic of the month is at Dr. E. Vibenstein's Big Probe. Remember: Your vote counts!
  • Want to spice up your home page on H2G2 a bit, but don't know how? Try The GuideML-Clinic where you can find the information to create a masterpiece of a home page.

1New job, witness protection program, bored of the everyday life you live in general.2Still referring to IBM.3Personally signed postcard to the first one to tell me the movie I stole that from. :-)4I'm trying to find the English version of book two in her "Cheysuli Chronicles" series, it's called "The Song of Homana". Can't find it on amazon.co.uk or in any book stores around here. Can you help?5Update: I've found an American Football team in Glasgow, and I'm now part of the Offensive line of the Strathclyde Sheriffs, a second division team in the UK's American Football Senior League.:-)6Because that is what beeps usually do best.7I recommend you go to the UF search engine and search for "support". Greg is God!8I like SkrattNet better, though, because yours truly was "employed" as a translator there.


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