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Where are our researchers from?

Post 201

Rocket Rod

Broome West Australia.Beaches,Bars,Boats & Bulk amounts
of good times
Indian Ocean.Pearls.Incredible Sunsets
P.S current temp 36C Very Tropical

Where are our researchers from?

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Researcher MrMondayMorning

Yes the capital of the Netherlands, but please don't count us Amsterdammers as Netherlanders because we are not. Confused? An Amsterdam proverb: You've got Amsterdammers and you've got farmers smiley - winkeye.
So the current stats:

1 Amsterdam
Total Amsterdam 1

The rest: not from Amsterdam
Total for the world: 80 (well more or less)
We like simple stats here smiley - smiley

The wheater: cold, rainy, the same as yesterday, depressing.
No wonder van Gogh was a loony who cut of his own ear.

Where are our researchers from?

Post 203

Mike A (snowblind)

That was what I meant.

Where are our researchers from?

Post 204

Researcher 93445

The summary rides again!...

Note: For those of us who listed multiple places, I chose the
current residence (assuming I could figure out which one that is),
unless the researcher emphatically specified some other city as

Sorry if I missed someone who posted their city in the middle of
the conversation but really it's your own bloody fault. I don't
know who's nuttier, me for doing this or you lot for wanting me to
do it.

1 Amsterdam
1 Total insisting it's not in the Netherlands

1 Argentina

1 Broome
2 Canberra
1 Stirling
1 Sydney
2 (unspecified Australia)
7 Total Australia

1 Alberta
2 British Columbia
1 Ontario
1 Quebec
5 Total Canada

1 Cirencester
1 County Durham
1 Dover
1 Durham
1 Gloucester
1 Great Haseley
1 Hampshire
1 Leicester
2 London
1 Oxford
2 Manchester
1 Merton, South London
1 Newbury
1 Peak District
1 Plymouth
1 Reading
1 Redditch
1 Warrington
1 Yateley
3 (unspecified England)
25 Total England

3 Germany

1 Cork
1 Dublin
1 Galway
1 Kerry
4 Total Ireland

1 Breda
1 Haarlem
1 Rijswijk
1 Steenwijk
4 Total Netherlands

2 Auckland
1 Dunedin
1 Wellington
4 Total New Zealand

1 Paradis
3 (unspecified Norway)
4 Total Norway

1 Glasgow
1 Inverness
2 Total Scotland

1 Solna
1 Total Sweden

1 Alaska
2 California
1 Colorado
2 Florida
3 Massachusetts
1 New Hampshire
2 North Carolina
3 Ohio
1 Pennsylvania
1 Washington
1 (unspecified USA)
18 Total USA

1 Barry
1 Rachub
2 Total Wales

81 Grand Total participating

Where are our researchers from?

Post 205

Rickshaw Splat

Keep up the good work ffmike! The Brits are winning.

Where are our researchers from?

Post 206


Stockholm, Sweden...that makes 2 total, hmmm...I wonder where the other Swedes are hiding?

Bring on the yummy reindeer!! With lots of lingonberries!

Where are our researchers from?

Post 207

Is mise Duncan

It all rather depends on your definition.
If its "where you were born" then Ethiopia, if its "what passport you hold/football team you support" then it's England, and if "its where do you pay the majority of your tax" then its currently Dublin, Ireland.

Where will that go in your stats??

Where are our researchers from?

Post 208

Researcher 93445

Where do you want it listed? You're the one who knows where you're from, not me smiley - smiley

Where are our researchers from?

Post 209

Mike A (snowblind)

What r lingonberries?

Do you all know how annoying it is waiting for all this to load?

Where are our researchers from?

Post 210


I'm from Copenhagen, Denmark. (Thats the small dots squeezed in between Sweden and German on your maps, just in case you were wondering)

Where are our researchers from?

Post 211


I was really confusing in mine - I'm from Montgomery, Alabama, USA

Where are our researchers from?

Post 212

Luna(Queen of Hearts)

Where are our researchers from?

Post 213

Researcher 93445

The researcher from nowhere?

Where are our researchers from?

Post 214

%The Calamitous Cranium Boy Who Just got his first approved article (eight weeks ago!!) ~/^Þ

Nowhereman, please listen.
You don't know what you're missing.

(mark one for nowhereland)

Where are our researchers from?

Post 215

Original Jackrabbit (OJR)

Name: Wouldn't you like to know?
Age: 17 ish
Sex: N/A (probably male)
Birthplace: Birmingham, England
Mother natinality: 1st generation English (parents Irish)
Father nationality: Citizen USA (born Arkansas) Raised scottish
My current abode: Bearwood, Near Birmingham, England
My brain's current abode: Orbiting Venus

Where are our researchers from?

Post 216

Luna(Queen of Hearts)

Ok! Ok! So I popped in to see where the latest was from and started to reply, (having lived in Alabama myself,once)
Changed my mind, decided to go to silversoltice's homepage instead.
Guess which button the cursor clicked on......obviously not 'Return..without replying.

Then again, maybe Ruby made me post that on purpose.
She's the original nowhere woman.smiley - winkeye


Where are our researchers from?

Post 217

Is mise Duncan

Put me down as an East Brit. (or English, in non-Dublin speak).

Where are our researchers from?

Post 218


They're little red berries that grow in the woods of Scandinavia. Edible only if you mix them with loots of sugar.

...are you trying to implicate that you have better things to do than waiting for this forum to load?

smiley - winkeye

Where are our researchers from?

Post 219


Do you know what cranberries are? (No? oh, well, never mind...smiley - smiley ) Lingonberries are almost the same as cranberries, just a little smaller and rounder. Small, red berries that taste quite sour. Some people mix them with loadsa sugar, I prefer them as they are.

The lingonberry juice makes a perfect drink-mix

Where are our researchers from?

Post 220

Researcher MrMondayMorning

Any berries growin on Venus?

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