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Where are our researchers from?

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Hatteras Island, North Carolina, USA
AKA The Hurricane Magnet
Originally from Oregon, lived in California, Alaska, Virginia, Washington

Where are our researchers from?

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Hi Peta, I guess I need to spend more time here if I'm going to realize when people are talking to me.
The water has receded, the cleanups are near complete, still working on rebuilding our offices at work, stilll working out of our garrage. The hiway is rebuilt and traffic is back to normal, and life? life is back to as normal as it ever gets around here.

Where are our researchers from?

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The Great Luna

Add another one to Ohio. Hello! Guess you don't have to look 'round for anymore, huh "luna"? LOL. NEway, I too am from Richwood, Ohio. Infact I'm grndcntrl's son.

Where are our researchers from?

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TechnicolorYawn (Patron Saint of the Morally Moribund)

Mostly about 4 miles from the centre of Manchester, and the rest of the year stuck in the arse end of nowhere in a little village with nothing there, in Lincolnshire.

Where are our researchers from?

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kats-eyes (psychically confirmed caffeine addict)

Count another one from germany. in fact the name of the town I'm currently living in is one of the rare names that can be translated in nearly every language and still make sense smiley - winkeye
wouold be something like Gainsburgh or Reachmond in english, Adquirirad in spanish, and the french eludes me right now - but I didn't see any frenchies around, so that doesn't matter.
My descendany is somewhat murky (oh continental europe...), somewhat russian, a bit italian, a bit chechoslovacian, some bits of sinti, a big part german...

ps: and I liked roo - but it was grilled. Ate it not far from Stirling, if I remember rightly smiley - winkeye

Where are our researchers from?

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Technoyokel (muse of poetry)

The place in Wales with the long name is known as Llanfair PG locally. Its something like Llanfairpwllgwyngwyll-something or other siliogogogoch (from memory- and I don't even read or type Welsh). The proper spelling is on a forum to do with long words- err...not very specific I'm afraid!

I live in Rachub though if you really want to change an unspecified Walessmiley - smiley

Where are our researchers from?

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Ossario T'an

City = Dunedin
Province = Otago
Country = New Zealand

Ciao meaow smiley - smiley

Where are our researchers from?

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Born in Budapest, Hungary (Central Eastern Europe, to be polite).
Living in Breda, The Netherlands.

Where are our researchers from?

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I think it's called:


It means something like "St. Mary's (Church) by the white aspen over the whirlpool, and St. Tysilio's (Church) by the red cave"

And, no, I'm no Welsh - just under-employed at the moment!

Oh, and I am from a small village in Oxfordshire, England called Great Haseley - only about 500 people so I don't suppose any other researchers have ever heard of it.

Where are our researchers from?

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vodka and coke

I'm from Newbury, England. I have family from all over the British Isles though, parents from Dorset, grand parents from Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Somerset. My little brother was actualy born in Canada (Montreal) and I've always wanted to go back there.

Where are our researchers from?

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Manic Depressive

Hi this here manic depressive is from Cirencester England. Although I do actually have ancestors from, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia, France and scotland. Exciting or what. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go and put my head in a bowl of water with an electic plug dangling in it.

Where are our researchers from?

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Sounds like a spidery kind of place...

Where are our researchers from?

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I was born in Södertälje, Sweden (most people consider that to be a suburb of Stockholm), have lived most of my life in Vaasa, Finland and moved back to Sweden 4 years ago. Now I live in Solna, that also considered as a Stockholm suburb. I see myself as Finnish, since that's what my parents are/were, and Finnish is also my mother tongue.

What else?
Ikea is definitely Swedish
We don't have polar bears (in Sweden nor in Finland) outside the Zoo
No, Finland is NOT a part of Scandinavia (I've seen that thread somewhere), but a part of the Fenno-Scandia (sp?) which includes Finland AND Scandinavia... smiley - winkeye
Reindeer and elk are delicious when prepared well, as in thin sliced, fried and served with fresh lingonberries -I'm getting hungry in here...


Where are our researchers from?

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So am I! Pass it around. smiley - winkeye

Where are our researchers from?

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*passes a huge plate with fried elk, lingonberries and mashed potatoes*

Share and enjoy!

Where are our researchers from?

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Mike A (snowblind)

You know what? This would make a neat guide entry. An entry that is one list of where our researchers come from. 'twould be easier to see as well.

Where are our researchers from?

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I think ffmike's summaries would be better for a page.

Where are our researchers from?

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I know where Norway is - some of my great (or great-great, I forget which) grandparents are from there. Also Sweden, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, & probably England. And my home is in Montgomery, Alabama, God knows why, and I go to boarding school (a rarity in the South U.S.) in Mobile, Alabama, also God knows why. I say this b/c all the Norwegian, etc. stock live way up there in North Dakota, where your lungs can freeze. Here we get snow about every 10 years.

Where are our researchers from?

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JokerFord2001(the times they are a changin')

well ffmike add another to the Ohio list

Where are our researchers from?

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Rickshaw Splat

Hampshire, England.

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