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Posted: 27thMarch 2003


So how is it with you? Have there been lots of interesting things happening in your life of late?

I know that certain stuff is no doubt very much on your mind, as it is with all of us at the moment, but we here at the Post have been beavering away to bring you lots of exciting and new articles to help you if not forget then at least give you something else to think about for a while.

So what are these new and exciting things I hear you ask... well just take a look at this page and all will be revealed. Shazz has written a very interesting piece about The School Essay Challenge, there's several new regulars to sink your teeth into (No smiley - vampire, I said regulars not jugulars you fool!!!) including A Baby Doctor Writes..., Directly From the Mother Ship and The Hootoo Home of Today. All interesting reading, and it's so nice to welcome some new blood (Stop it smiley - vampire, not that sort of blood!!!) into the fold I am sure you will agree.

Also this week, we have a new column starting called Focus On..., if we get enough support we hope to feature an article about a different club or society from h2g2 every week. So if you want your creation mentioned in The Post, then write to us and let us know all about it, old or new, big or small, let us know and we will feature them all... Oh what a poetic wit I possess ~grin~

Righty oh, that about wraps it up for this weeks editorial, which is brought to you today by h2g2 and Vlad's Famous smiley - vampire Snack's, Eat 'Em Before They Eat You!!!! Oh what a wag I am, say no more, it'll only go to my head!!!

And finally, not forgetting a great big huggle to all you Mums out there, I know Mothering Sunday is not celebrated on the same day everywhere, but even if we are a bit early for your country, I think a Mum is worth a good huggle whenever you feel like it. After all, a Mum is for life, not just for Sunday!!!!

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