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This page contains the archives for

the 'Small Screen Surfin' series by HPB.

Date Subject
03.07.03 Big Brother
10.07.03 The Animatrix Reviewed
17.07.03 Fortysomething
24.07.03 A Rant about TV and Movie Themes
31.07.03 Sci-fi Triple Bill
07.08.03 The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
14.08.03  A Rant About History Programmes
21.08.03 Top TV somethings
04.09.03 The Mel Blanc Rant
11.09.03 Are those Spidey senses tingling?
18.09.03 HPB Battles with Time
25.09.03 Spin-off Series
02.10.03 HPB clashes with Boudica
09.10.03 A Threesome for HPB
23.10.03 Back with a fizzle...
06.11.03 Mutant Hero HPB
13.11.03 The 'Force' is strong in HPB this week
20.11.03 HPB goes for the Pity Vote
27.11.03 Who's for Charity?
04.12.03 HPB's Pre Christmas Rant
11.12.03 HPB apologises for boring TV
18.12.03 The Super Special Christmas Special!
08.101.04 25% +25% + 25% + 25% = ?
29.01.04 Top 50 'Best British Sitcoms'
29.01.04 What's in a Game?
05.02.04 Saturday Night Sleep-In
19.02.04 Theme Rant II - The Musical!!
26.02.04  HPB knows his kippers
04.03.04  HPB enjoys an old joke
11.03.04  The HPB Show meets Psycorp603
18.03.04  Not so much a review but a...
25.03.04  Does advertising work?
01.04.04  No TV from HPB
08.04.04  HPB delves into the past
15.04.04  HPB dons his quiz master head
22.04.04  The answers to last week's quiz
06.05.04 HPB talks TV
13.05.04 TV Reviews and News with HPB
20.05.04 HPB on 'Celebrities Disfigured'
10.06.04 30th Celebrations
17.06.04 Big Brother goes Colourful
01.07.04 HPB returns
08.07.04 The Sci-Fi Issue
15.07.04 Sunday Night TV
22.07.04 I Spy HPB
29.07.04 Theme Rant III - The Encore!!!
12.08.04 HPB Goes in Search of Michael Palin
26.08.04 HPB serves up Greek (un) Dressing with a side order of Bacon
09.09.04 A bit of this a bit of that
16.09.04 Small Screens for Small People
14.10.04 HPB scales the heights...
04.11.04 Little Britain and other things
18.11.04 24 LAS Top Ten + Sci-fi links
02.12.04 Charity, Comedy and Birthdays
06.01.05 Seasonal Surfin'
20.01.05 Commanders Timed Out
31.03.05 The New Who

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