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Happy New Year! Let's see if we can get SSS back to a weekly slot...

What an interesting holiday period for TV we've had. Seemed as if the terrestrial channels were actually trying to have something new instead of constant repeats. Not sure about Channel 4 showing Who Wrote the Bible? on Christmas Day, but then again being an atheist I shouldn't really care. This week will be bits and pieces from various small screen observations be it programme, DVD or the monitor this PC holds.

- According to the BBCi Comedy Newsletter, no less than twelve new reality shows are starting this month. My, we are lucky to live in this age of kings aren't we? Mumble...

- By the time you read this, Monkey Dust series 3 will have started. All hail the Paedofinder General getting a go at six episodes instead of one and join the Free Ivan Dobski campaign trial. Everything needed to mock the underside of Blair's Britain.

- Watching the Spider-Man 2 DVD it, I've realised Sam Raimi's voice is actually quite annoying. That and Tobey McGuire well forever look like he's 16.

- Same for Elijah Wood.

- 50 Reasons to Hate The Matrix, 50 Reasons to Hate Lord of the Rings and The Matrix Vs. LotR Vs. Star Wars. All listen wisely to the words of Dr Oxford. Something for the movie buffs.

- After spending days re-watching sort-of historical strategy game Time Commanders on UKTV Documentary1 made me wonder if and when there was going to be a second series. A Google search for Time Commanders 2 lead to discovering it is due for January 16th. Unsure of the reliabilty, though, as the wargamers on the site off whom I found the information thought the military experts on the show knew nothing. Why is there no BBC site for it?

- Channel 4 showed a few top 100s and a top 50 comedians by comedians... Surprised by the fact Peter Kay was in there but not as much as Chris Morris. Nice to see him recognised by someone.

- Speaking of comedians, has anyone noticed that Adam Buxton has been appearing a lot without Joe Cornish? Those two being of course the stars of The Adam and Joe Show and Adam and Joe Go Tokyo, a programme very much in need of a follow up. I you like Japan.

When's Green Wing on DVD? Nngh!

- Royston Vasey, the (sit-com) League of Gentlemen movie should be out this year. They've taken a different approach to the series which could be a good thing judging by the reception Series 3 got...

- The Red Dwarf probably should have been out this year as well but probably won't be. I blame Peter Jackson. At least Series VI is out next month. Hooray!

- I can't think of anything else to write in here. Hooray!


The Adam and Joe Show seems an appropriate theme since none of you have probably heard of it. Baaad Dad was annoying anyway, only used to watch it for the movie parodies with toys anyway. :P

So I leave you now with a non-suible clip of Caddyshack for no reason at all other than to get you in the New Year spirit.

Keep Surfin'2!

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