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It's December!!!!! And so begins the countdown for you all to go and get those last minute gifts for friends and families.

It's not the month that makes it Christmas for me though1. It's not the lights in the town centre that don't work properly. No, not even the
pictures that remind the UK of what snow looks like. It's an advert. One single advert that has been
shown year after year, and has become a tradition. An advert of a certain well-known cola brand
with the jolly festive red lorries, happiness, and the 'Holidays are Coming' jingle!

I can only hope that this year's festive collection of TV programmes will be... good. Long gone are
the 'Morecome and Wise' yearly festive treats which made Christmas special for older

generations and the same goes for many programmes. Like the late 90's, programmes haven't been what they should be.
They've never been the quality that they were once upon a time. Of course we'll see the BBC premieres
throughout the Christmas week, and of course ITV will, for some reason, still be putting on The
Great Escape
2 but where are the thoroughly Christmas episodes on TV? They're just
one-offs which usually have nothing to do with the season. The Last Ever Fast Show anyone?

Perhaps The Office will be a break from the norm like The League of Gentlemen Christmas

was but we need the Christmas feel on the screen. And I don't mean a snowy logo. Perhaps
another Robbie the Reindeer? Okay the second one was lousy but the first had charm, and wit,
and a reindeer playing the guitar! Oh, and was for Comic Relief.

What do we not want? Christmas specials of the programmes nobody likes: *cough* The
. Unknown whether this kind of turkey has been made but these nasties pop up when you
least expect it. QI will be having a Christmas instalment. There'll be the likelihood of two
things- Stephen Fry in a Santa hat3 asking Christmas themed questions with Christmas themed buzzers... or the
two of the prior without the Christmas questions... I look forward to it, but I'm not quite sure how you
can ask something that isn't obvious about the season of good cheer while being interesting at the same

I'll stress that I won't/don't want a politically 'correct' Christmas with some other religious
programmes being thrown at us to 'not offend minority faiths'. There is nothing to stop programmes
being put on alternate holidays for different faiths. With a Christian (majority) country you can't be
offended when Christian programming turns up on the Christian holiday. It's like moving to India and
complaining that Hindu/Sikh ceremonies are taking place throughout the year.

In the end it's all about the meaning and not the faith anyway.

Right that's my self righteous babble done for another week.

Keep Surfin'!

Small Screen Surfin'

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1Technically as an
atheist I shouldn't celebrate it but this non-religion technically gives me the choice to do
2If not, we'll be dealt a thorough stuffing of Chicken
3Alan Davies in a Rudolph costume

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