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Posted: 20thFebruary 2003


A week of protest and challenge.

The biggest stories of the week were, undoubtedly, reports on the marches against war with Iraq. We feature two very different perspectives on this kind of action in The Post this week. I would have gone to the one held in Amsterdam if I remotely thought that the ones bent on war would stop turning a blind eye to the increasing support for another solution.

So, instead, I stayed in and watched some rugby. The England versus France rugby match was well worth watching but somewhat overshadowed by the untimely death of Nick Duncombe. I would have watched some cricket if the Dutch TV channels had offered more than the two minute slot they managed to slip in between all the football. Cricket is so badly covered here it is no wonder that I have yet to track down one of the very fetching orange team shirts, although TM says it is the same as the football one and I could easily change the logo to KNCB! Egon brings plenty of sporting news for you in his two reports this week and Linus treats the ladies to a topless rugby player.

Is it really that time again? Demon Drawer returns with news of the 'Peta' awards for this year. Go along and vote and you may well be dressing in your glad rags to present a trophy to the successful nominees.

The Post Team are very pleased to welcome Awix on board as Assistant Editor. Having enjoyed his film reviews, not to mention the tales of his misbegotten youth, we were delighted when he 'volunteered' to make us 'the gang of four' and help out with the fiction section. Greebo hopes that you know where to send the doughnuts Awix!

Elsewhere in your Post we bring you the conclusion of the Quest - is this how you thought it would end? - start a new fiction series and present many extra items alongside your favourites. With 30 articles you really are spoiled for choice.



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