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We note with interest another new and very original and creative h2g2 homepage. We commend to you the wit and wisdom of Peregrine, 22th Duke of Earl who would like to explain How Gene Chandler Stole His Name .
We got a note from Darth Zaphod this week.
She has discovered The Snockerty Friddle

Hey again!

I found some more stuff for an issue of AGG/CAC...I don't know if it's been used yet, if not, I'm not sure why it hasn't! It's all by the same author, and it's funny poetry there's:

Snerggling with Grandad
Old Blind Mad Fish Dog
The Thing with Bdoofs

They're good, there's more where that came from, this is just a sample, and if it's been used, DANGET I'M TOO LATE!


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The EG, the AGG and the UG ...and some Space Doubt.

There have been a couple of new developments dear to the smiley - loves of Aggists recently.

Our own Subcom.Deidzoeb one of AGGGAG/CAC's founding fodders has been championing the establishment of an "Underguide" as an officially recognised alternative to the Edited Guide. This Underguide (UG) would be a place for fiction, poetry and other forms of fanciful and creative writing of the kind not currently accepted by the Writing Guidelines for the Edited Guide (EG).

The proposal has met with some positive reception from many researchers and from a few voices among The Powers That Be. If established, UG would have legitimate status, and like Peer Review and the Edited Guide, it would be administered by the h2g2 Editors and be serviced by a volunteer system of Scouts and SubEditors.
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Because it will operate on a Peer Review system like EG, not everything submitted to UG will be accepted. So we happily assure you all that there will always be an Aggland .

And along similar lines spook has started his own alternative forum for fiction and fantasy entries of the kind he thinks the Guide should be about. He calls it the Spaced Out Guide to the Galaxy and has a 'menu' list of entries we heartily recommend.

On behalf of the Committee for Alien Contentment,



"42 may be the answer, but we believe there are

still questions to be asked."

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