The Third Annual H2G2 Academy Awards - The Peta's

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In association with the h2g2 Film Society it is with pleasure that Demon Drawer Productions announces return to normality and without a break for Rupert we announce the Third Annual H2G2 Academy Awards

So we are getting ready to award the Peta's for 2002.


Voting has starting in the 3rd Annual h2g2 Academy Awards. To find out more read on.

Members of the Academy

So I hear you ask, just who is a member of the h2g2 film academy. The simple answer is anyone who is a member of h2g2 has the right to vote in the h2g2 Academy Awards. And in this, the third year for these prestigious awards to be presented, you can have your say in just where these awards should go.

Here is a list of everyone who has already voted in the previous academy awards1:

Acheron, adeve, Afgncaap5, Holistic Detective, Arthbard Vootenoy, Astrodome Goth, Avatar, Awix, Bistorist, Bluebottle, bluDragon [alias R15304], Blueredblue, Blues Dog, Bumblebee, Candi, CD4, Chi-Gal, Clelba [Patron Saint, Muse, Keeper, Thingite and Cat], Closer to Thirty than Twenty Munchkin, Gaah! (Quiz Round Five has been postified), Crescent ACE, Crusader, Deg-Z, Eccles, English Ben, FABT, Fairly Strange (ACE), Fish Killer, fords_prefect [ACE], Freedom, Geoff, Ginger the Feisty, GOD Almighty, Grey Area, GreyRose, G'vnah, Irving Washington, Jack, Jenny and Fred the cheese, Jensr, Jimi X, Jimm, Joanna (Princess of Darkness) ACE, Joolsee, Kandyman, Krans J. Hopeson, Krunchy, LÒÒnytunes, Marv the Grate Archbishop CotTB, MaW (ACE), Menza, Munchkin, Mustapha, Pastey,
Peet (Get a donut at A254378) [New sponsorship offers invited], Proff, Olli, R113940, Purple Dragon, Roasted Amoeba, Sam, SciFiBloke (The Fish) And why do people keep putting really long boring questions at the end of their name that go on and on and, Sporkulious Eglon, ShazzPRME, Swiv, Toccata, ToneDef, TowelMaster, Tube, TV's Frink, Tweetie, Typolifi, Vauxhall Nova, Venus In Blue, Venus in Fly-Trap, Vonce, Zelda

Who have so far won Petas?

In 1999 the following awards were presented

  • Lifetime Achievement - Stanley Kubrick
  • Best Picture - American Beauty
  • Best Actor in a leading role - Kevin Spacey
  • Best Actress in a leading role - Anette Benning
  • Best Actress in a supporting role - Toni Collette
  • Best Actor in a supporting role - Haley Joel Osmet

For 2001, following a year out for Rupert, the awards were.

  • Lifetime Achievement - David Lynch and Christopher Lee
  • Best Picture - Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
  • Best Actor in a leading role - Will Smith
  • Best Actress in a leading role - Nicole Kidman
  • Best Actress in a supporting role - Helen Mirren
  • Best Actor in a supporting role - Jim Broadbent
  • Best Director - Peter Jackson
  • Best Song - May it Be, Enya
  • Technical Award Visual - Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
  • Technical Award Audio - Moulin Rouge

This year there are awards in these categories:

  • Best Director
  • Best Song
  • Technical Award Visual2
  • Technical Award Audio3

How to vote

Simple click on the link for the voting page, where this years major nominees are listed and vote in the relevant forum. Your First Vote is the only vote that will count, so be careful, as I have to trawl through the lists to ensure no duplicate votes later. You can vote in as many or as few categories as you feel able. The presenters of the awards at this years ceremony will be selected from the researchers who vote, so you may even get your name in lights on the big night. The results will be announced in The Post on March 27th, shortly after some poxy little awards ceremony in Los Angeles so you have 6 weeks to get to it.

The h2g2 Film Society
The 1st Annual H2G2 Academy Awards Ceremony
The 2nd Annual H2G2 Academy Awards Ceremony
Voting in the 3rd Annual H2G2 Academy Awards

Demon Drawer

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1All names were correct on day of publication and will not be updated to reflect the whims of researchers.2This is your award for the film which had the greatest overall Visual impact of 2002. Costume, set, cinematography etc.3This is your award for the film which had the greatest overall Audio impact of 2002. Sound effects, sound track etc.

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