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The 1st Annual H2G2 Academy Awards Ceremony

The 2nd Annual H2G2 Academy Awards Homepage

Voting in the 2nd Annual H2G2 Academy Awards

Announcing the SECOND Annual H2G2 Academy Awards

Disclaimer: Ok I know it isn't annual as last years event was abandoned because of Rupert, but it will be from this year on

See the results of the First awards over at DD's Irish Theatre where the last Award Ceremony is remembered for all posterity.

What are the Categories?

For this year we are adding to the five main categories

  • Best Picture
  • Best Actor in a Leading Role
  • Best Actress in a Leading Role
  • Best Actor in a Supporting Role
  • Best Actress in a Supporting Role

I'm adding
  • Best Director
  • Best Song
  • Technical Award Visual2
  • Technical Award Audio3

Visit the Nominations and voting page where you will see a list of the major award nominnees.
But don't limit yourself to what the porfessionals think, vote for whoever you chose. There is also the award of the Lifetime Achievment Award. Which can also be voted for who will join.

What do the winners recieve?

Their site will receive an e-mail on the morning after the oscars informing them that they have recieved a PETA, in honour of our Community Editor, to signify that You the community of H2G2 have voted them the best of 2001. Thank you everyone who bothered to vote in the past, lets make this year even better.

Society News

This space is currently under review and preparaton for expansion4. Any suggestions please post them below.

Here for you veiwing pleasure in the plushness of one the Cinema Theatre's of old5 with a braided footman in velvet tunic and top hat to greet you, and the push button ticket machine. Your Feature Presentation is whatever you chose from the list below, subdivided into categories for ease of viewing delights. Welcome to the show, the H2G2 Film Society welcome one and all to the researchers' guide to the movies and more.

So pick up your popcorn grab a seat and enjoy all things about the motion picture industry. Our usheress will lead you in just follow her torch to find you seat, and no naughty business in the back row you.

Here are the H2G2 Film Archives


Wallace and Gromitt


The Fate of the Other Double-O's in Bond


The Prince Charles Cinema, London, UK

Film Genre

B Movies

The Interval

As in all good cinemas of yesteryear, we have a midway interval so you can visit the refreshment stall or buy some ice-cream off the usherette as she walks through the ailes. Popcorn, hotdogs and boiledsweets a re available from the concessions stall in the foyer.


The Blair Witch Project
Citizen Kane
A Clockwork Orange
Eyes Wide Shut
The Matrix
Run Lola Run
Star Wars
Toy Story 2


Brooks, Mel
Cameron, James
Elfman, Danny
Olivier, Laurence
Rank, J Arthur
Scott, George C
Sinatra, Frank
Smith, Kevin




Being an Extra in a Movie
Famous Film Quotes
Film Titles with Numbers In
Mad Hollywood Contracts
Motion Picture Association of America Ratings System
Saturday Matinees

1You can see the old pre-rupert version of the page here2This is your award for the film which had the greatest overall Visual impact of 2001. Custome, set, cinematography etc.3This is your award for the film which had the greatest overall Audio impact of 2001. Sound effects, sound track etc.4May even have to make this a multiplex.5No Multiplex this

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