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Amateur film making

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I'm thinking of making a film. Is there anybody out there who has experience in this matter, who can act, handle a camera, etc., preferably without being paid for it? smiley - bigeyes

If I do do this, it'll be with a bunch of friends with the minimum outlay possible. So don't expect to end up rich from it, but I can guarantee it'll be a lot of fun and be a good thing to put on your CV.

Oh and if you live in the UK it might help too smiley - biggrin

Amateur film making

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Biggles Rocks as do Austin, Raymond E Feist and Tom Clancy.

Where are you based?

Amateur film making

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Frankie Roberto

I have a bit of experience, I've done filming before and have studied the whole area of indie filmmaking (though from a media point of view).

The big thing at the moment is 'MiniDV', a digital format that is very accessible to a consumer/amateur merket. Editing on home PCs/Macs is much easier nowadays too.

Amateur film making

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I've got a time consuming job at the moment so I can't really do any amateur filmmaking, unfortunately smiley - sadface

I've just completed producing my first commercial video though smiley - biggrin It was a promo of one of our products.

And yes, MiniDV is very good... a digital video camera costing £500 or so, and a home computer for editing, produces absolutely superb results. Comparable with full-budget studio filming... provided you've got the talent of course smiley - winkeye
I'm doing more filming at work and I'm tempted to try using a MiniDV digital video camera instead of hiring a crew, just to see how well we can do it ourselves smiley - biggrin

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