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The New New blob

The management would like to remind you that baby pictures in the personal ads is a no-no!

We here at Irritating Public Radio, Your Friends In The Air, would like to remind any interested parties that your interest is not enough. Donations in-kind do not mean sending us scripts and tapes, hoping that you will find instant destiny and stardom on the air with our illustrious firm.

We have one of the illest lustres you are likely to find around.

Some of our equipment is stuff that the CBC threw away after they blew it up by letting interns play with it...

Luckily, we have some engineers and technicians that the BBC threw away after they blew up and they were able to almost repair the CBC equipment.

Still having a little trouble blowing their own vacuum tubes.

Haven't found the right gauge coat hanger wire or porcelain clay mix, I guess.

But, if anyone has any genuine copper coins, not those iggly alloy things, the engineering staff needs them because it is getting harder and harder to find replacement fuses for the equipment in the ladies room and that antique Royal Marine-surplus hair dryer chair keeps testing the mains as it originally had a milspec three-legged something or other which means we can't earth it properly without a Sergeant Major on hand with a cup of bad coffee in his kidneys...

The recipe for bad coffee:

1. 8:57 AM

The Dimwit Zone: Fear and Baby Formula Racing in Bonneville!

Ticondergoa Millet, Minister without Portmanteau

2. 8:57 PM

Art for Your Sake: This week, Binky Schwartze, the blind sign painter...

A shot in the dark saves light...

3. 9:57 AM

Flix and Fades: Interviews Izakylan Jetty-Pier, Oscar Nominee

Gerhard Folkestein, with a little box for you...

4. 11:57 PM

The Homely Homily: This week, Mr Ermine Trewaxer, concerned citizen without an agenda...

Your Other Right Foot (appearing nightly without warning)

The Escape Pod Dreams

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