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31.10.021: It only hurts when I read...
07.11.022: If I didn't know you, would you dream about someone like me?
14.11.023: Backhanded compliments from a forward person
28.11.024: If I take you at your word, will you take a hike?
05.12.025: I called, but they said you were unavailable and offered me a shovel...
12.12.026: Hold still, I think I hear a waltz...
19.12.027: Sir! Your tree is waiting!
16.01.038: Three coins in the fountain gets you nicked for a five coin fine!
23.01.039: If you ride the clutch, I won't ride with you.
30.01.0310: Somebody just told the Manglement that there is a New Millennium...and they want to visit the dealership to see the 'new car'...
06.02.0311: I've heard of you, and, no, you can't speak to my daughter!
13.02.0312: We did 'love' last week. When's 'slightly bothersome' day?
20.02.0313: The management would like to remind you that baby pictures in the personal ads is a no-no!
27.02.0314: There used to be a road here, didn't there?
06.03.0315: I didn't do it, but I know who did!
20.03.0316: Slang is as slang does...
27.03.0317: I'm sorry, is that your dipthong I just stepped on? Well, you shouldn't be sitting there with your back to me!
03.04.0318: Kiss my grits, Yoda!
10.04.0319: Kitchen problems and our friends at the utilities office: All I want is a clean cup...
17.04.0320: I ate more than my share, but I brought the toilette papier!
24.04.0321: Should the neck be that, um, prominent in the curve department?
08.05.0322: I don't mind the weeds, but the stagnant pond has got to go.
15.05.0323: Waving a stick of pungent incense in the face of a sterile future!
22.05.0324: Kosher Recipes from the Red Sea Scrolls
29.05.0325: The case for putting the tots back in the mills and teaching them by telepathy...
12.06.0326: Inference and Interference
19.06.0327: The Ballad of Pontillia Perlmutter, parts 1-4 exclusive.
26.06.0328: Where's Robert Palmer when you need him?
03.07.0329: No amount of school would have helped me.
10.07.0330: To honour and candlebrate a legacy whose man has gone to meet his manufacturer.
17.07.0331: Fiction this, fiction that... The fabric of lies is tattering.
24.07.0332: If it fits now, will it still after the smorgasbord?
31.07.0333: You're an actor? Might I have read something you wrote?
07.08.0334: Insecurity and humour: Why aren't you laughing!?
14.08.0335: Since 'New' and 'Improved' have failed, we are returning to 'Classic' and 'Devolved'
21.08.0336: I know what you did last summer because I still haven't got the stains out!
04.09.0337: The truly offensive and the offensive truth.
11.09.0338: I apologise for being alive. I promise not to do it again.
18.09.0339: When you've got your hand up a puppet, don't curl your fingers!
25.09.0340: A hole in the water. Who will walk out and take care of it?
02.10.0341: If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, sell him some Amway...
09.10.0342: Ol' 42 raises it's ugly head again!
16.10.0343: The end of a new beginning.
23.10.0344: I think my warranty voided itself!
30.10.0345: Salute to an unnamed hero: He does his best!
06.11.0346: Meanwhile, in a stench-packing factory in Saigon...'
13.11.0347: Fearless horror
20.11.0348: Don't judge a book by it's cover, see who edited it!
27.11.0349: Concerto for well-tempered clavier and well-hammered Xavier...
04.12.0350: Fourth Anniversary for Post, 50th column for Me
11.12.0351: Recipes for the Heights Baptist Church 50th Anniversary Cookbook
18.12.0352: Mommy, why is the cigar store Indian dressed like Santa?
08.01.0453: And now, for the Noon O'clock Knees!
29.01.0454: Which new year is it? Chinese is over, the Jewish is when? And the Mayan?
05.02.0455: 'Only the person whose name is on the account can pay this bill, Sir.'
12.02.0456: God-given Rights... And Lefts... The airing of grievances and appendages...
19.02.0457: The Fear of Living and the Cult of Death
26.02.0458: Movies and lies: The truth in 35 millimeters or less.
04.03.0459: I thought I threw this away.
11.03.0460: Favourite smells of 1965.
18.03.0461: The 61st Reason to Despair
25.03.0462: Et, Tu, Que?
01.04.0463: Forty days and forty nights with a selective amnesiac
08.04.0464: Don't look behind you when you're almost to the exit
15.04.0465: The Sesquicensequelabearableinachinashoppe Issue
22.04.0466: The Whole Wheat and Nothing But the Wheat Issue
29.04.0467: The Sensible Issue
06.05.0468: The Continental Breakfast Issue
13.05.0469: The Corrugated Silk Issue
20.05.0470: The 'Athletic Culture and its Discontents' Issue
10.06.0471: The Novice Novelist Issue
17.06.0472: The Ecumenical Smorgasbord Issue
24.06.0473: The Talking About Talk Issue
01.07.0474: The Fear of Rejection and Horror of Acceptance Issue
08.07.0475: The Flip-Flops and Biros Issue
15.07.0476: The 'Huh?' Issue
22.07.0477: The **** *** ** * Issue
29.07.0478: The Fear of Work Issue
05.08.0479: The 'Who Let You Out of the House Without a Keeper?' Issue
12.08.0480: The Artificially Banana-scented Issue
19.08.0481: The Week As I Saw It Issue
26.08.0482: The Stupid Issue
02.09.0483: The Too Drink to Drunk Issue
09.09.0484: The September Eleventh Issue
16.09.0485: The Fictional Issue
23.09.0486: The 'So, Who Asked You and Why Didn't They Ask Me First?' Issue
30.09.0487: The Personality Issue
14.10.0488: The More Incomplete Deformation Available Soon Issue
21.10.0489: The Billing Is Easy, It's Collection That's Hard Issue
28.10.0490: The 'Just a Pinch Will Do' Issue
04.11.0491: The 'Hark, The Dog Doth Bark!' Issue
18.11.0492: The Tolerant Issue
10.02.0593: The Asperger's Issue
17.02.0594: The 'Adolts Are To Blame' Issue
03.03.0595: The 'How Many Times Did I Tell You?' Issue
10.03.0596: The Huggable Issue
17.03.0597: The 1905 Issue
24.03.0598: The 1905 Issue Part Deux
31.03.0599: The 1905 Issue, Party of Three
07.04.05100: The 1905 Party of Four Issue
14.04.05101: The 1905 Issue, Party of... I forget...
28.04.05102: The Short Thoughts on Cartooning Issue
05.05.05103: The Imaginary Album Issue
12.05.05104: The 'I Don't Want To, I Don't Have To, You Can't Make Me' Issue
26.05.05105: The 'Kevin's Has Really Good Lasagna' Issue
02.06.05106: The 'Waiter, there's a Churl in my soup!' Issue
09.06.05107: The 'Leda and the Swansea Flasher' Issue
07.07.05108: The '16, 33, 45, 78' Issue
04.08.05109: The 'Reasons' or 'Excuses' Issue
15.09.05110: The 'Disaster' Issue
29.09.05111: The 'Nervous' Issue
27.10.05112: The 'If I'd Known They Were Mistakes, I'd Have Made Them More Often' Issue' Issue
10.11.05113: The 'The Old Job Is Dead, Long Live The New Job' Issue' Issue
24.11.05114: The 'Too White' Issue
08.12.05115: The ASPIE Issue, Part Twa
22.12.05116: The Book Review Issue
12.01.06117: The Polish Pickle Issue
26.01.06118: The Unnecessary Story Issue Part One
06.02.06119: The Unnecessary Story Issue Part Two
23.02.06120: The Sad Truth Issue
09.03.06121: The Ignorance Issue
23.03.06122: The Unexplained (UNTIL NOW!) Mystery Issue
06.04.06123: The Literary Fraud Issue
20.04.06124: The 'Don't Play With Your Food!' Issue
04.05.06125: The Smoking Issue
18.05.06126: The Guild of Immortal Maintenance People Issue
01.06.06127: The Obscenity and Homelessness
15.06.06128: The Genital Mutilation Issue
29.06.06129: The White Clay On Black Mary Janes Issue
13.07.06130: The Delightful Issue
27.07.06131: The 'The Sixties Are Dead, Long Live the Sixty-somethings!' Issue
07.09.06132: The Smoking Issue 2
21.09.06133: The Limited Edition Issue
05.10.06134: The Needle in a Carpet Issue
19.10.06135: The 'Law' 'Enforcement' Issue
16.11.06136: The Lack of Curiosity Issue
30.11.06137: The Crushed Velvet Issue
07.12.06138: The 7th Birthday of The Post Issue
21.12.06139: The Christmas Issue
25.01.07140: The Flicks Issue
08.02.07141: The Novella Issue
22.02.07142: The Jimi Hendrix Issue
08.03.07143: The Blank Issue
22.03.07144: The Robots and Illiteracy Issue
19.04.07145: The Once Upon a Time in the West Issue
03.05.07146: The 'Nudity in the Classroom' Issue
14.06.07147: The Royal Taster Issue
12.07.07148: The Star Wars Issue
26.07.07149: The Portable Issue
09.08.07150: The No. 4, Mk I Issue
06.09.07151: The 'Where there's a will, there's an opportunity' Issue
04.10.07152: The 'Oh, no, he's got an AK-47! We're all gonna die! Issue
01.11.07153: The 'The 7 year-old in Church' Issue
15.11.07154: The 'The Depressing' Issue
06.12.07155: The 'The Motivational Writer' Issue
06.12.07156: The 'The 8-year-old' Issue
17.01.08157: The 'The Filthy New Year' Issue
31.01.08158: The 'Why Are You Looking At Me Like That?' Issue
14.02.08159: The 'Throw away your TV' Issue
27.03.08160: The 'Brain Dump' Issue
10.04.08161: The 'Condescending Precipitation' Issue
24.04.08162: The 'Why are you wasting Paper?' Issue
22.05.08163: The 'Behaviour' Issue
03.07.08164: The 'artistic author' Issue
11.09.08165: The 'lost' Issue
25.09.08166: The 'Inquisition' Issue
23.10.08167: The 'Hangover' Issue
20.11.08168: The 'Clever Stupid People' Issue
04.12.08169: The 'Potery' Issue
18.12.08170: The 'Christmas' Issue
8.01.09171: The 'Bad Novel' Issue
5.02.09172: The 'Silent Cinema' Issue
19.02.09173: The 'Overalls' Issue
05.03.09174: The 'Christians and Social Darwinism' Issue
02.04.09175: The 'Enemy' Issue
16.04.09176: The 'Cling Spreaning' Issue
30.04.09177: The 'Girl's Mustache' Issue
14.05.09178: The 'Imaginary' Issue
28.05.09179: The 'I've never seen anything like it' Issue
25.06.09180: The 'Industible Irrevolution' Issue
23.07.09181: The 'Haunted War' Issue
17.09.09182: The 'Emotional Attachment to a Book' Issue
05.10.09183: The 'Anti-authority Authority' Issue
26.10.09184: The 'Boy Named Sue' Issue
09.11.09185: The 'Lonely Piano' Issue
16.11.09186: The 'So what else is new?' Issue
21.12.09187: The 'Who Do I Think I Am?' Issue
08.02.10188: The 'New Puppy' Issue
08.03.10189: The 'Just Be Yourself' Issue
19.04.10190: The 'Waterloo' Issue
17.05.10191: The 'Only Planet' Issue
12.07.10192: The 'What Fare is Fair' Issue
15.11.10193: The 'Silly' Issue

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