The Quest

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This is the conclusion of sea's The Quest, we hope you enjoy it.

'I wondered when you would turn up,' Shazz gestured for sea and her friends to come inside the warehouse. 'Yo and I have been entertaining ourselves while waiting for you.'

sea glared at Shazz, 'Oh have you now?'

'Oh yes, we have been getting acquainted, we have so much in common it seems,' Shazz smiled
slightly as she moved behind sea, pointing the gun to move the group forward.

'Such as?' sea raised an eyebrow.

'You for a start sea, you don't recognise me do you?' Shazz surmised, ' Ah, well all will be
revealed shortly.'

They continued walking until they arrived beside the Total Perspective Vortex, where Yo stood patiently waiting.

'sea, are you alright?' He asked as he moved forward to greet her.

sea shrugged him off, 'So what precisely have you and her Evilness been doing whilst I have been frantically searching for you?'

'What?' Yo glanced at Shazz, 'I haven't done anything, we talked, that's all.'

sea turned to glare once more at Shazz, 'Whatever you are up to, you won't get away with it.'

'Why sea, what a suspicious mind you have, what makes you think I am up to anything?' Shazz raised an eyebrow.

'Everything that has happened, the kidnapping, the attempted murder, are you trying to tell me that you know nothing about it?' sea sneered.

'Ah, I see, maybe my henchpeople were a trifle,' Shazz paused, 'over zealous, but I assure you sea, I never intended hurting you. In fact I wanted you to succeed, more than you know, the item you were asked to find, I have a great need for.'

'The scripts, you want the scripts?' sea gasped incredulously.

'Of course my dear, I even sent out my most trusted deputy Number Two to retrieve them for me, she should be arriving back shortly. Tell me sea, do you remember when we used to work together, how you used to be my Number Two?' Shazz stared intently at sea.

'I never worked for you!' sea exclaimed.

Yo stepped forward, 'She claims you shot her first love.'

sea turned to stare at Yo, 'The first time I met her was in that bar Yo, you know that.'

'No sea, we have met before, and you did shoot my first love. I am not the evil person you think me, I am in fact the Editor of the The Post, and you were my deputy editor. You took all the photo's we needed for the articles, but one day you brought in a photograph that I was not
willing to accept. It was of my first love, in the arms of another, I got mad, I am not proud of
what I did, I kicked a shoe that was laying on the floor, it rose up and struck you on the temple
knocking you unconscious. You were in a coma for months, and when you came round, you had
forgotten everything, you didn't know me, you couldn't remember your life before the shoe
incident. Then one day I went to visit you, and you were not there, the hospital had no idea
where you had gone. I tried to trace you, but you had vanished.'

sea's eyes opened wide, 'You expect me to believe that you kicked a shoe at me, and it hit me in the temple? How stupid does that sound? Besides, if that is all true, and we were so close once, why are you holding a weapon on me now?'

Shazz glanced down at the gun, 'You have quite a reputation now sea, I was not sure how you
would react when we met. This is not real, it's actually made of doughnut.' Shazz proved her
point and bit the muzzle off the gun and chewed thoughtfully. 'It belongs to my deputy, she will not be happy when she sees that I have eaten it, but I had to prove to you that I mean you no

sea looked at the half eaten gun, overwhelmed at what she had heard, she was not sure if what Shazz had said had been the truth, but could not believe anyone could make up such a preposterous story. Maybe it made sense; she glanced up at Shazz and smiled.

A sudden flash from the Total Perspective Vortex made them all turn round; as the brightness subsided they noticed that a rather rotund orange and black cat was coming towards them. A large backpack over her nicely rounded shoulder.

'Ah Greebo, you have returned. Where you successful?' Shazz asked.

Greebo grinned at the group, slipped the backpack off her shoulder and rummaged about inside. As she drew a rather battered manuscript from its cavernous depths, a can of purple fur die rolled across the floor to stop at sea's feet. sea bent down and picked it up, 'You were once purple?'

Greebo grinned broader, 'Me was under cover.' She passed the manuscript across to Shazz.

'Thank you Greebs,' Shazz took the loosely bound book, and stared down at in reverence.

'Are they The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Radio broadcast scripts?' sea asked.

'Indeed they are sea, and they shall be put to good use, come Greebo we have work to do.' Shazz turned to leave.

'But what are you going to use them for, they are worth a fortune,' sea queried.

'They are to be used for a top secret project sea, to find out what, then keep an eye on The Post in the coming future, that is all I can say at the moment.' Shazz stepped towards the Total Perspective Vortex.

Greebo looked up at her boss, 'Where's my doughnut gun?'

'Err, I will tell you about that later Greebs,' Shazz stepped into the Vortex and Greebo followed her.

A flash of light swallowed the pair of them but not before a wail could be heard from the light, 'Noooooooooooo, you ate my doughnut gun, how could you? That's the last time me let's you borrow anything of mine.'

The End

The Quest

Based on an idea from sea

Written by Greebo T. Cat

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