What the Dinosaur (XIV)

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Sandown on the Isle of Wight is a place the red-trousered seldom venture, which is just as well as otherwise they may soon end up being brown-trousered. For a fearsome dinosaur is stalking the land - or at least the seaside attractions - completely unaware that it is being hunted by the head of the nearby dinosaur museum, who wants to ask it how it prefers to eat scones. You couldn't make this rubbish up, now, could you?Episode XIV of a 20-part adventureDid the attempt to draw the Neovenator in the bottom left picture go dreadfully wrong1? Is Bluebottle mortified or did he shrug his shoulders and feel that, if you keep trying to draw something different and push at the boundaries of what you can do then sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and in either case you learn something new? Do people from outside the UK know what a stick of rock is, and realise that the rock shop doesn't retail stones or musical memorabilia? Does anyone else realise that technically Sandown's dotto train stopped in 2011, but as the story is about a resurrected dinosaur from 125 million years ago, differences of under a decade are meaningless? Will next week's episode of What the Dinosaur make any more sense?
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1The person in the bottom right picture looks distorted too - Ed.22Slander! I didn't actually write that - the real Ed.33I never actually wrote that either - nor this - Ed.

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