What the Dinosaur (VI)

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Dinosaurs have long caught the imaginations of those who have seen them, particularly the biggest and scariest carnivores. While American dinosaurs have long starred in blockbuster films, Europe's five largest predatory dinosaurs are largely unknown. In alphabetical order, these are Allosaurus europaeus found in Portugal, Baryonyx found on the Isle of Wight, Surrey, Spain and Africa, Neovenator found on the Isle of Wight, Torvosaurus found in Portugal and Wiehenvenator found in Germany1. Unsurprisingly considering its importance to paleontology, the Isle of Wight was the perfect location for a dinosaur museum. What was surprising is that one of the exhibits, a Neovenator skull, was suddenly resurrected after 125 million years. Alive once more it complained of having a dinosaur throat and wanting to soothe it with a nice cup of tea...Episode VI of a 20-part adventureWas all that technobabble about convergent evolutionary language really meant to flimsily paper-over an inconvenient plot gap? Is 'political correctness gone mad' the most incorrectly used phrase in the English language? Is the increase in the price of milk really political correctness gone mad? What does political incorrectness gone mad look like? Is the real story of what to call a Brontosaurus actually far more complicated and only able to be told in Guide Entry Brontosaurus! Post-Extinction Burial and Rebirth? None of these questions, nor any others, will be answered in next week's edition of What the Dinosaur!
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1An exhibition dedicated to the 'Big Five' including material from the Isle of Wight has just gone on display at Dino Park Münchehagen.

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