What the Dinosaur (XIII)

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Professor Polly Canthus runs a dinosaur museum on the Isle of Wight. Obviously I also applied for the job, but sadly didn't even get an interview. Something about my lack of experience in running dinosaur museums, apparently... But anyway, at this particular dinosaur museum one of the exhibits, a carnivorous Neovenator dinosaur, was inadvertently brought to life and has been wandering around Sandown eating scones and meeting people, rather than eating people and meeting scones as you would expect. Polly, however, does not yet believe a word of it.Episode XIII of a 20-part adventureNow that at last the mystery of how the Neovenator likes to eat scones has been revealed, is there any point in continuing the tale? How do the other characters like their scones? Does this scene mean that What the Dinosaur passes the Bechdel Test? What gender do you think the Neovenator is, and why? And why aren't people from the Isle of Wight taken seriously by mainlanders? Why is it common for mainlanders to ask Does the Isle of Wight have electricity there yet? Why don't they realise that Osborne House had a telephone in 1878, within 18 months of the first prototype's invention, as well as electricity shortly after the invention of the lightbulb, and every inch of the Island's railway mainline has been electrified since the 1960s, unlike the rest of the country where diesel trains remain common? None of these points will be discussed further in the next episode of What the Dinosaur!
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