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Millions of years ago the dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Since their discovery by Sir Richard Owen in 18421, palaeontologists have long suspected that dinosaurs had far more fun than we humans do. This might be what led Dr Beeching, working late at the dinosaur museum in Sandown, Isle of Wight, to inadvertently resurrect a carnivourous Neovenator. This fearsome, unstoppable behemoth is endangering our very sanity by strolling along the beach.Episode V of a 20-part adventureWas the Isle of Wight the epicentre of the dinosaurs' civilisation? What theological beliefs, if any, did the dinosaurs hold? If reptilian in origin and/or possibly cold-blooded, would their concept of purgatory be of extreme cold rather than heat? What is the Neovenator's position on antidisestablishmentarianism? And did those claws in ancient times walk upon the Isle of Wight's sands of green2? Sing praises unto our reptilian overlords and prey3 that, in Their mercy, they will allow us all to read next week's sacred scripture, What the Dinosaur!
What the Dinosaur
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1Owen created the word 'Dinosaur' when studying an Iguanodon sacrum discovered on the Isle of Wight in late 1841.2And yellow and black and grey and white and red and orange and pink...3Sorry, that should be 'pray' – we're not their prey, obviously, honest…

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