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Posted: 23rd September 2019

From John O'Groats to the Isle of Wight

St Michael, Fryburg, Pennsylvania See that church? It's in Fryburg, Pennsylvania. You can read about it here. (While you're there, go browsing in the rest of the Peer Review goodies.) St Michael's churchyard features in a short story by Freewayriding this week, although our author has only seen pictures. I have a short story set in Nashville, Tennessee, in front of whose fabled Parthenon Your Editor used to enjoy holiday picnics as a kid. There's lots of travel in this issue, but the US variety is mostly fictional.

Not so the UK Stuff. We take you from John O'Groats – I knew this would happen when I mentioned the place a few weeks ago – to the Isle of Wight. Our photographers have got the landscapes. Those who hate landscapes, like Paigetheoracle ('You want a landscape? Go buy a postcard!'), send buildings and signs. Okay, one of those signs has some sneaky houses behind it. We think he slipped up there. Anyway, enjoy these. All the Researchers seem to have one thing in mind: to let us know that their island is unique and, dare we say it? We dare: quirky. There. The Q-word has been spoken.
Lola meditating. Probably on dinner.
We have humour. We have quizzes. Awix has cinema. Willem has a bird. (No, he's perfectly calm: it's an actual bird.) I have more useless advice, and a music video. Also, there are comics. Did we mention the comics? Find out what that dinosaur is up to, and what effect Desideria's sage is having on her human and cat friends. Follow SashaQ's mystery of the envelopes. There are a couple of black-and-white photos: we'll have more next week.

Remember to leave comments and send more Stuff! October is coming, and you know what that means, besides falling walnuts and candy-begging: we could use some spooky stories! Or funny ones, whatever you've got.

Have a great week, all of you.

Quote of the Week: I recognize that it is almost always wise, and is often in a manner necessary, to kill an editor...

Mark Twain

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