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Posted: 5th August 2019


Orange Butterfly by Dmitri Gheorgheni

' The ignoramus asks, 'What does all this mean?' The philosopher says, 'Wait awhile and you will see.'
Pittsburgh and Allegheny Spirit Rappings: Together with a General History of Spiritual Communications Throughout the United States
JB Campbell, 1851

Around here, the answers are worth waiting for. We have answers to questions you didn't even know you were asking. Questions like:
Passing an Amish buggy
  • What is it like to pass an Amish buggy on the road? (See illustration at right.)
  • What Earth landscape is very like Mars? (See 'Suzie Q Discovers the Desert' below.)
  • What fresh madness lurks in the comics? (Read them and find out.)
  • How bad are the dinosaur jokes this time? (Ditto.)
Stargazer LiliesLilies
Lily season has arrived in North America and Europe, in all its glory. We turn our gaze toward the beauty that Jesus said surpassed Solomon in all his glory. We remember that Solomon was a politician, and therefore as unworthy of our consideration as the politicians of today, even if he probably didn't look as bad in a tuxedo as the current lot, and conceivably had better hairdressers. In fact, we forget about politicians entirely and concentrate on the wonders of nature, which are large and in charge in this issue.

Willem, our natural history expert, has another beautiful bird to show and tell about. There's photography from all over, from the riverside to the desert to the back garden. Look up, down, and all around. Enjoy and share.

There are ducks, chickens, goats, and an eagle (conspicuous by its absence). There are flowers in profusion, and the leaves are green except when they're black-and-white.

Ah, the black-and-white. Enjoy it in French this week. The Editor gratefully acknowledges the orthographic expertise of Superfrenchie, Assistant Editor in Charge of French. She told me which way the accents were supposed to be pointing, and passed judgement on the puns.
A sign for Roadkill Stew

We have many, many things for you to laugh at. Cartoons, comics, possibly cinema, depending on how you feel about Awix's electrifying review. Even the Writing Right takes a humorous turn. Please accept that challenge, by the way. Also caption the photo and add to the general hilarity.

The weather is still warm up above the equator, so remember to seek shade, wear your sunscreen, and keep hydrated. And have a great week!

This week's Youtube Extra for Ripley Users.

Quote of the Week:
  When we see something bad or awful or horrible in life, maybe we're just viewing it in the wrong octave.

Victor Wooten, musician, at a TED Talk

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Tall Tales from Grand People

Dmitri Gheorgheni


Peter Lorre being urbane



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