August 2019 Create Challenge: Tall Tales from Grand People

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August 2019 Create Challenge: Tall Tales from Grand People

August Create Challenge by FWR
Grandparents generally, they hold a very special place in childhood…


Did/do you know your grandparents? Or have you heard stories about them? We want you to share!

  • Did you have a grandparent who told you stories? Tell them to us! The true, the might-have-been-true, the fantastical.
  • Were your grandparents characters in their own right? Draw us a picture! (A word picture will do.) Were they famous, infamous, known to the police or the vicar? Did they do interesting things? Were they good influences on you, or did they teach you to smoke, swear, and poach?
  • What are your favourite grandparent memories? These are lasting gems. Share them online as practice for passing them on to your own grandchildren.


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