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Welcome, fellow addict, to H2G2 Anonymous

Do you feel unable to cope without your daily fix of H2G2?

Chewing nails

Then join the society that empathises and understands.

Our route to recovery is simple and follows 3 easy steps.

  1. Acknowledge your addiction - we believe that all members should be enabled to declare in front of their peers, "My name is [insert name here] and I am an H2G2 addict".

  2. Participate in active and lively (although not necessarily meaningful) discussion with fellow addicts.

  3. Come to terms with your addiction and realise that you have no problem, the problem is with all those in society who have yet failed to register as a researcher.

If you are still in denial but wish to participate in any discussion, just out of interest, then please feel free. However, if you feel ready to embrace your habit then become a member by posting below, leaving your name, researcher number and acknowledgement of your addiction.

Addicts in the Green Room enjoying a few drinks and plotting the revolution

Perhaps you need to relax and chat with people who understand, try visiting The Green Room. Sit down on one of the many comfy sofas, enjoy a drink and share your experience with the other addicts who have taken refuge there.


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Recipes Required

An old-fashioned alarm clock in front of a bubbling saucepan

Do you have a fantastic recipe that can be made in the time it takes for a new posting to be written?

Which food is least detrimental when dropped over your computer?

Share your ideas with other malnourished researchers at the Recipe Forum.

Part of the current rehabilitation scheme has been for group members to try and formulate the new world order. The consensus is that all members are revolting.

smiley - starThe Revolting Group Songsmiley - star

Comrads one and all

With inflatable chairs and smiley - ale

We will revolt, and revolt some more

Run around and collapse on the floor

Comrads unite

Comrads through the night

Comrads we might

Just revolt here on the floor

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