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Lurcher's Temporary Resting Place

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A Newton's Cradle
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This page changes from time to time, usually when I feel the need to brush up on my GuideML

If you are visiting for the first`ve missed nothing.

I had intended to keep things simple..but then XXX-Rambling started me off, and now ..........smiley -

Ah all helps to pass the time! smiley -

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Lurcher (Of direct Lupine descent).....(ok) AR1 ?.... smiley -


A Place Apart


In a remote corner of the Derbyshire moors, overlooked by bleak and windswept Kinder Scout, time has stood still for over ten thousand years.

By an inexplicable Time/Space Warp, this area within an area, frozen in time, but expanded in space, exists.

Undetected by the modern world, this magical place, this Place Apart, teems with life; life that must fight to survive. Here, since time immemorial, predators have reigned, unchallenged. Of all the predators that range these vast tracts of beautiful, cruel and unforgiving wilderness, the Wolf reigns supreme.

In this place of peace and tranquillity, of danger, and often sudden death,

life is lived, or lost, by Nature`s rules.

Here, at least, conservation is not , and never will be, ,an issue. Technology is meaningless, having no point of reference in a world that can never change

Nothing can be brought here, or taken away. For those that discover the way here, it can be a Paradise. Or it can be the death of you, for here, danger is never far away.

A wolf

This, then, is A Place Apart.

Come here and sing your songs, recite your poetry. Wander the silent spaces,

fill your lungs with the cleanest, freshest air on the planet. Always be aware, though, that you could be at risk.

I come here often. To me it is a place of beauty, a place of escape.

I am never in danger.

I am among friends.

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McLurchers is the finest Single Malt money can`t buy.It`s a well known fact! Try one or`ll feel a whole lot better! (Possibly)

Some of the things I`ve been or still am involved with.

Pride of place, I`m proud to be an HONORARY smiley -

I'm a member of the Classic Goo Fan Club!

I'm a Queen Fan!!
I am a member of The H2G2 Queen Fan Club, which is a club each and every Person who has ever heard any Queen Song should Check out!
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I'm a Legionnaire in Les Chiens Rouges and proud of it

smiley - ~~~~~~~I`m a VALIANT MEMBER OF THE ACF and S*T*A*T*S Deep Cover Dept Head~~~~~~~ smiley -
Seem to remember being elected as PROTECTOR OF ETHICAL TIPSINESS (POET) in the Church of the Holy Tail ....Never made the official members list though..(shows how fast things get done on h2g2)...Nudge, Nudge!

Now, by way of contrast, somehow or other, I find myself listed as a Loyal Supporter in the The Temple of BLEEP! , ..Could have a lot to do with the two gorgeous Priestesses, Michele and Batty..smiley - .. and Thog ain`t too bad either, at least he`ll never see you with an smiley - smiley - !! May the smiley - long be with `em..
I'm also a member of the United Friends of h2g2. A worthwhile organisation if ever there was one!

...Bits and pieces, as they occur to me...

This would be the place to include some personal information, but the picture on the right says it all.A smiley going through several mood changes Just like everyone else, I suppose, so there`s little point in elaborating.

A favourite quote....."When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge".....Albert Einstein

Which can be a bit disturbing, sometimes.

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