I am not a number!

Angelfeet smiley - smiley - , n: small, female PhD student, commonly found in the environs of the University of Southampton. Often stressed. Rarely seen on h2g2 in consequence.

(9*4) + 7 - 1 + 0 + 0 = 42!

smiley - Due to a nasty bout of Real Life, I'm not here very much these days, but do please pop back now and again to see if I'm about.

I am still the Keeper of Bubble Perms and Wah-wah Guitar.

I've got my smiley - smiley at last, for which I am eternally grateful.

smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley -

Ever felt that life lacks colour and excitement in these modern times? Join the Campaign for the Return of the Debonair Hero today and bring back that sparkle! Tango dancers

I like, nay,adore:Queen (best rock group ever, for my tastes)

I'm a Queen Fan!!

I'm a huge fan of Doctor Who (the inspiration for my scientific career) and The Professionals (I want to drive round London in a Ford Capri! smiley - ) and I love Alistair MacLean novels (the heroes are just so, well, heroic - see above) I'm learning ballroom dancing, though I've not entered any competitions as I have no wish to wear the retina-searing pink and blue frocks donned by the team here. I just do it for fun (and for the debonair men, obviously smiley - ).

I can sometimes be found lurking in the Green Room of H2G2 Anonymous when I ought to be working.
I am studying for a PhD on hearing aids A labelled diagram of an ear so one day I will be a smiley - , but not a medical one.

I suspect the only people to read this far will include deackie, my Guardian Angel Em, vogonpoet and 2legs, so Hello flowers! smiley -


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Angelfeet, here for a fleeting visit

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