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Infinity has returned! It is fantastic to be back and the memories of the fun I've had here are flooding back. Unfortunately I won't be here on a regular basis and that makes me quite sad, but I will enjoy finding messages from friends and newbies so start writing!

I live in Johannesburg, South Africa and am the mother of Eternity and Agent002.

I am the Muse of Frogs and Keeper of fairy circles, dreams and mischievious elves.

AOL = Infinitymuse

I'm a Queen Fan!!

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This is my Clown fish, Padda. I adopted him at the Fish Adoption Scheme (F.A.S.) which is run by Tummyfish.

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A polkadot typewriter

I would like to share the following with all the aspiring writers out there.

by Skinny Rowland 1

Now he was a great writer,
a readers delighter,
but he never went to great pains,
because right from the start,
he wrote from the heart,
and forgot about using his brains.
Well his old Royal would clatter,
with his subject matter,
as he hammered away at the keys
it was likely as not
he'd forgotten the plot,
but writing for him was a breeze.
He knew how to spell,
but not very well,
so most of his words were amiss,
so to show his repentance,
he'd leave out a sentence,
and that's how he made up for this.
The start of one story,
was one of great glory,
a tale of the great Civil War,
but the end of this book,
had a much different look,
'twas a manual for hanging a door.
Well they sent back his writing,
and at this time citing,
that his work was unmatched,
but he got the hint,
with a powerful dint,
seeing a new book of matches attached.
He was not one for crying,
so he kept right on trying,
with hopes for a future much brighter,
but he ain't got the sense,
the lord gave a mud fence,
so you can see he's a qualified writer.
And so day after day,
he hammers away,
always forgetting the latest rejection,
with a different theme,
and the ongoing dream,
that the next one will be pure perfection.
So follow his lead,
and try to succeed,
don't succumb to frustration and panic,
though you might wisely agree,
to have a "plan B",
and take a course as an aircraft mechanic.
But if people should smirk,
demanding proof of your work,
you surely don't have to take it,
just take it in stride,
with an air of great pride,
like I'm doing right now and just fake it.
Writing with a penSkinny Rowland's Poetry
1With thanks to Lorraine Eckhardt for giving me permission to use this poem


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