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It is time to do the count, to show our strength.

Calling on all h2g2 South Africans to put themselves on this list so that we too can organise h2g2 community get togethers.

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First Johannesburg Meet

We want to organise a meet for November/December 2001. As we need to arrange a meeting spot within easy reach for all, please post to the Meet conversation letting me know whereabouts in Johannesburg you are and when would be the best Friday or Saturday for you if you would like to join us. Once I have these details we can all decide on a suitable meeting place.

South African h2g2 Researchers

South African h2g2 Researchers Living Elsewhere

If you are a South African living somewhere else in the world, you too will be welcomed. So leave your name and join our list!

Wannabe South Africans h2g2 Researchers

Wannabe here? Do you have a good reason? Morris (not for sale) Minor ll tells us she has a house in Cape Town - Way to go Morris Minor, hope you visit soon.

Then there is kidkitsch: "Never been a citizen anywhere other than Britain, but my late mum having been born in Pretoria, from Zimbabwean parents would suggest I could be; My grandparents are sadly also no more, but I have an aunt and an uncle in Harare, and numerous uncles, aunts and cousins in Cape Town and elsewhere.
I haven't been out there since '84, but plan to return very soon, and might even ask about practical opportunities for emigration as I feel a real ache to return."


Researchers who have visited South Africa

St Patrickcame to South Africa on a Rugby tour.
A brief account of the tour: 'We started off by landing in Johannesburg played against Waterford in Swaziland, then onto Rob Ferreir School, Pioneer School, Eshowe School and finally Tigerberg after flying from Durban to Cape Town stopping at Port Elizabeth. As we were travelling we went through Kruger National Park and another one, on the safaris we saw the big five, we stopped at a spa and nature reserve with the mudbaths in the reserve which was fun having impala looking at you while you're wallowing...erm we went to a zulu camp and tons of other things'.

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