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' We put the CAC in



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This week:

It gets verser and verser...
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Agg/Gag/CAC is like a magazine insert in

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with regular weekly features, ongoing series

and interesting new contributors.

If you're ready for some heady versifying I'm here to testify to a gold

mine of verse and worse available from U219914. The author

and inspiration of several amusing threads, Chaiwallah came dangerously

close to classic status with this Homeric adventure on the source and

nature of God.


A bit longish but, like any classic epic tale, worth the journey for those

worthy of the journey. A taste of what you'll find by prowling round the

many threads to which Chaiwallah contributes his verst.
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For those who haven't yet absorbed all six episodes, here's a

reminder about the webcast site for Douglas Adam's recently discovered

scripts for Dr Who.

The new Dr Who series by

Click on the Tardis to see new Dr Who <br/>
episodes Click on the tardis and follow the links to nearly

three hours of flash animation!
For copyright reasons this animated webcast will self-destruct

before the year 2003 is out,
so if it's 2004 or beyond where you are

now, we are smiley - sorry for the broken link.

And now

something from the menu at
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Spaced Out Guide smiley - spacesmiley - planet

You came a long way from Saint, Louie.

by U104826

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U198644smiley - weird
offers a new

installment in his Fantasy Series
FRAGMENTED - A Thanks for


an epic tale in many parts.

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In cae you haven't read the first six episodes:
Part I - Apocalypse Now
Part II - The Madness of King's Gorge
Part III - #In the Brownies'
Part IV - Blade Runner
Part V - Die Another Way
Part VI - The Prosprutarian Job

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Darkwin's VOID FRUITCAKE series:

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We'll be back with more CAC next week in the h2g2POST.
Meanwhile, if you know any overlooked

writers or want to point us to any lost and forlorn entries that deserve a

wider audience, please, just drop us a note by posting at:
the join AggGag/Cac in conversation page
Yes, smiley - ok of course
you can recommend your own

We'll let the

be the judge. smiley - devil

On behalf of the Committee for Alien



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"42 may well be the answer, but we believe

there are still many questions to be asked."

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