Louie the Lizard

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A late 20th and early 21st century celebrity on UK television. However the road to success was far from smooth.

Louie first auditioned for the Budweiser TV advertising campaign in the spring of 1999. However dispite having a far greater vocabulary he lost out to three frogs with limited literacy. In fact it took all three frogs about 30 secs to get the first word out as they struggled over their lines. "Bud", "er" and "weis" these lines were even in front of them on a neon sign to aid their performance.

Louie was a bitterly disappointed actor. Equity had let him down. He sat disconsolately by the lily pond dreaming of his chance to star. He eventually took drastic action of trying to hire a weasel to do away with the stars. The weasel thought better of it, but a ferret was easily bought. Louie is attributed with saying on watching their demise 1 "That one day every frog must croak" before bursting into laughter.

The death of the frogs unfortunately left 3560 tadpoles and 2 clumps of frog spawn orphaned before they could leave the family pond just metres from the desperate scene. Police are treating the incident as suspicious


Police are scaling down their inquiries following the recent realisation that all three frogs survived the attempt on their lives.

Louie has been heard to say "Never send a Ferret to do a Weasel's job".

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1By electrocution as the neon sign fell mysteriously into the pond. The police are looking for a ferret for questioning.

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