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Episode 6: The Prosprutarian Job

While Baxter picked himself out of the gutter in Citadel, history had taken place (which is never good for originality) in the country of Prosprus.

In the capital - ironically named Kapital - the leader, the Fa'at-Ka'at, had been of old fashioned mind and old fashioned values.
He knew at the rotten old age of 80.2 [Come on, if 70's ripe!] that his time on the life market was almost up.
So with his state of mind he wrote his will with the sole intention of his entire wealth and nation going to his first born son.
Now the fact that at this point he still didn't have children just raised many questions which made the prospect too disgusting to think about.
But he was determined that his male heir would gain the gold. He signed the contractual will with his name: Most Prosprus, and even shook hands with his wife to seal the deal.

There was just one problem...
Nine months later, Lotta Prosprus gave birth... to twins... both males... at the EXACT same time...
Now apart from Lady P. not speaking to her husband for a year and a half, it also made that piece of parchment a burden.

As long as Prosprus (the leader!) was alive and well the state had nothing to worry about.

Twenty years later the strapping young boys had just about finished being stropping young teenagers.
Having identical faces, the boys had to be differenciated, and thus the concept of colour co-ordination in Prosprus was born.
Of course Lotta could have told the difference but had been slightly traumatised by the boys' big heads...
Knot was issued with copper colours, and Verilly was given silver colours (Daddy strutted around with the green).

Growing up, the boys had sat back waiting for the day father would slump while Most, now hitting a century, was still at 100%.
However, the day eventually arrived and the centenarian finally died of natural causes for a hereditary monarch: he fell down the stairs onto some arrows.

Most was gone, but the will remained, and the more logical conclusion was that the realm should be split two ways.
And this took place the day after the Fa'at-Ka'at's funeral.
No enquiries were raised at the means of the ex-ruler's passing.
Knot and Verilly assured the nation that copper and silver arrows were more than commonplace.

Now the country was in two. Verilly Prosprus positioned himself in the north, and Knot Prosprus tooks the lands to the south.
But when have siblings ever been on one page with each other?
Their faces may have been the same but their personalities were not.
Whereas Verilly handled his wealth with smarts and cunning, increasing his state's power, Knot was not and consequently used up his nation's resources with speed.
Knot wanted what Verilly had. Why? Because Verilly had it, and the brothers' relationship became stretched and became more of a fuedal system.
It was only petty envy, however, and fights between the two were commonplace, being on a family basis only (usually Verilly grabbing Knot into a headlock and scraping his knuckles over Knot's head)...


Baxter stalked Citadel's streets...

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