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Posted: 4th July 2002


Life is full of surprises

After having been pleasantly surprised by the fact that my flight home from the UK was on time, I was somewhat taken aback when, about 15 minutes after logging on to see how Greebo was faring, there was a loud 'pop' closely followed by a smell of electrics burning. Suddenly I could hear the merry 'ping' of instant messages sent by Greebo, but all I could see was a black screen - just for a change it was really black and not Windoze blue.

So... farewell year-old monitor. Things were bleak. I had just downloaded my emails, but hadn't managed to forward important ones to the Post Office. I managed to log on via our second computer (Thanks TM!), but this didn't help with retrieving the emails. Many apologies for the missing articles, folks. Luckily everyone concerned was happy to allow us to use them this week instead. smiley - smiley

One nice thing which occured out of this minor drama was discovering that the monitor was under three years guarantee and that Phillips would call out and repair or replace it. Sure enough, earlier today, a very nice young man turned up, packed away the old one and gave me a brand, spanking new one. Let's hope this one lasts a little longer than a year eh?

The excitement of the final of the World Cup was overshadowed by an announcement much closer to home. On Friday our esteemed editor, Mr Mark Moxon, sir, told us all of his plans to travel around Africa for a year instead of travelling virtually around h2g2. The news came as something of a shock to quite a few people, but others wondered how he had managed to keep his feet firmly in one place for as long as he has. Still, we all have three months to acclimatise to this news, which means that The Post can run an exciting new competition with a great prize, probably, at the end. More details will follow next week, but it will be fun, we can assure you!

With this news in mind, there was really only one Wowbagger which fitted the bill - it may be an oldy, but it's a good one. Other articles this week include not one but two new series from wonderful writers, a double helping of poetry and 45 words, World Cup reports, tennis, AGG/GAG with their inimitable picks, an update from 360, a report from the recent Southampton meet, more from the sci-fi convention, and lots more items and fun and games for all. Abi has been sadly unwell this week, so no Community Column and I couldn't seem to attract sea's attention, so you will all have to wait for the next thrilling installment - MaW is here with his talking dustbins, anyway.

Last, but by no means least, a big thank you to Greebo for managing The Post so brilliantly last week. It is reasurring to know that it is safe in her paws. Here - have a smiley - donut



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