The Timelord Quiz - ABCD 3 - The Solution

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Here is the solution to the ABCD 3 quiz set by TIMELORD.

The winners this week are Granny Weatherwax who managed to get 8/10 questions correct. Polidari Wormwood and Pan who both got 7/10, FABT scored 3/10, and finally Spook who got 1/10. Well done to all who had a

The answers are indicated in the colour Magenta

  1. Q: The Latin phrase tempus fugit means?

    • A: Time after time
    • B: Time Flies
    • C: Timelord
    • D: Time gentlemen please

  2. Q: What would a man from China do with a Erh ya?

    • A: Eat it
    • B: Drink it
    • C: Wear it
    • D: Read it - it's a type of early dictionary.

  3. Q: What would a 19th century sea captain have done with a Ducks

    • A: Kill someone - it is a type of gun.
    • B: Saved someone
    • C: Eat it
    • D: Drink it

  4. Q: What would someone who studied histology be studying?

    • A: History
    • B: Biology
    • C: Physics
    • D: Maths

  5. Q: If you looked up and saw a cumulus-nimbus what would you have


    • A: A bird
    • B: A plane
    • C: A cloud
    • D: A broomstick

  6. Q: Batophobia is the fear of?

    • A: Bats
    • B: Walking
    • C: Gravity
    • D: Super heroes

  7. Q: Esperanto literally means a person who?

    • A: Hopes
    • B: Speaks
    • C: Hears
    • D: Makes no sense

  8. Q: 'By effort achieve', is on the coat of arms of which county?

    • A: South Yorkshire
    • B: West Yorkshire
    • C: North Yorkshire
    • D: Ankh Morpork

  9. Q: The name of the D.C. comic character Lobo means?

    • A: Wolf
    • B: Dog
    • C: Cat
    • D: He who would rip off your head and spit down the hole

  10. Q: In heraldry the term azure means?

    • A: Yellow
    • B: Black
    • C: Blue
    • D: Green


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