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A Quiz In Tribute To The Late Douglas Adams

Round 1: General Knowledge

A hint...?
1. What words are written in large, friendly red letters on the cover of the Guide?

2. What is Douglas Adams' middle name?

3. Who co-wrote "Last Chance To See" with Douglas Adams?

4. Who wrote the Theme used for the Hitchhikers' Guide To The Galaxy?

5. In 1976, Douglas Adams, Graham Chapman and Simon Jones worked together in which TV Comedy?

6. In 1981, Marvin The Paranoind Android had a number 51 hit with what song?

Round 2: General Knowledge Generally Related To The Guide

A robot thinking of the answers
7. How many mothers does Zaphod share with his semi-cousin Ford?

8. How much damage would the bulldozer suffer if it rolled over Arthur?

9. Why did Trillian miss the Wednesday lunch date with Arthur?

10. Where did Ford Prefect get his towel?

11. What is the foulest word in the Universe?

12. What does Arthur have nightmares of happening to him when he dies?

Round 3: Doctor Who

Doctor Who

13. For how long was Douglas Adams script editor on Doctor Who?

14. Douglas Adams co-wrote the story "City Of Death" for Doctor Who. Which two stories did he write alone?

15. One of these was not fully filmed due to a BBC strike. The plot later formed part of the basis of what book?

16. In what Doctor Who story does the Doctor read Oolon Caluphid's "Origin's Of The Universe", saying, "He got it wrong on the first line! Why didn't he ask someone who saw it happen?"?

17. The Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison, played what part in the TV series?

18. Which Hitchhikers book began life as "Doctor Who And The Krikkitmen"?

Round 4: The Radio Series

19. Who co-wrote Episodes 5 and 6 of the series along with Douglas Adams?

20. What 5 things are contained in Roosta's Towel?

21. What is Lintilla's job?

22. How many Lintilla clones are there?

23. What is the Tran-Stellar Spaceline vessel waiting for?

24. How does Zaphod escape after being eaten by the Hagunenon?

25. After Arthur Dent noticed Marvin whistling Pink Floyd, what two (non Pink Floyd) songs does Marvin play?

26. According to Hig Hurtenflurst, what does K I L L E D only happen to spell?

Round 5: Dirk Gently

A detective's hat
27. In which Hitchhikers book are the words "Long, Dark Tea-Time Of The Soul", the title of the second Dirk Gently novel, used?

28. "The Long Dark Tea-Time Of The Soul" begins with the entance, "It can hardly be a coincidence that no language has ever produced the expression..." what?

29. What is Dirk Gently's real name?

Round 6: The Television Series

Characters from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

30. In which episode of the Television series does Douglas Adams appear naked?

31. How does Marvin break into the Disaster Area spacecraft?

32. How many BAFTAs did the television series win?

33. On the DVD of the series, how do you get the Animation Easter Egg?

Round 7: The Isle of Wight

The Isle Of Wight

In the Virgin interview, Douglas Adams said his best childhood memory was of the Isle of Wight.

34. What famous Isle of Wight Band is made up of Hitchhikers fans?

35. In "The Meaning Of Liff", what does Solent mean?

36. In "The Meaning Of Liff", what does Shanklin mean?

Round 8: The Novels

Reading the novels

37. Where did Arthur Dent stick his Babel Fish at the beginning of "So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish"?

38. What is Arthur Dent's daughter called?

39. In "Young Zaphod Plays It Safe", what is in the capsule that escaped to Earth?

Round 9: Computer Games

Woman fainted with frustation during Starship Titanic

40. Who wrote the "Starship Titanic" novel?

41. In 1987 Douglas Adams released a game where the aim was to persuade your bank that you have changed address. What was it called?

42. How do you get the Babel Fish in Infocom's 1984 Text Adventure version of "The Hitch-hikers Guide To The Galaxy"?

How To Play

If You want to take part in the quiz, simply e-mail me the answers at [email protected]. Remember to include your H2G2 Name and User Page Number. The person who gets the most right, or the first to get the most right, wins. The answers and winner will appear in next week's post!

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