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Over in the distance you can see the gleaming spires rising in the morning mists brick by brick, as if to meet the dawning sun. Scurrying under foot are the Newcomers to this refuge from the worlds of Man. "Squeek, Squeeeek, eeeeeek," is the only sound as one by one the Students at this, the University of Mice, head towards their Lectures:

The social scientists to study the strange, inexplicable, actions of Humanoids in the vast mazes they construct.

The mathematicians trying to find a final proof of 42 and the highest 42-ratio.

And the theologians to discuss the mystic significance of the Myth of 42...

As clearly the most hyperintelligent (stop sniggering! smiley - cross) pan-dimensional beings on h2g2 we have decided to have a hoopy hang out here where, hopefully, it's safe from cats and owls. As we survey the fora before us we may occasionally give out honorary degrees and fellowships from the University of Mice. Any h2g2 Researcher who wishes an award should post a request here, and if we consider it worthy then we shall award you. As we're all usually down the Students union here, degree ceremonies will be kept to a minimum, unless of course you wish to have it down the students union, in which case, no problem.

Applications to join the University of Mice as a member of the faculty staff are always welcome. Just post your CV somewhere on this page and it shall be considered.

Our professors

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University of Mice Faculty MembersOrcus aka Jerry Mouse - Professor of QuizologyArgon0 aka Frankie mouse - Professor of 42ology.
iaoth aka Benjy mouse - Professor of Squeekish.Sad Mad or Bad aka Buffy mouse - Professor of True Love and ButtkickologyArchangel Galaxy Babe aka Minnie mouse - Professor of FlirtologyHenryS - Assistant Professor of 42ologyvogonpoet - Professor of VerseShea the Sarcastic aka Minute Mouse - Professor of SarcasmE G Mel - Professor of Baggy TrousersTabitca - Professor of Shallow ThoughtHugo the Fish - Professor of Bubblishpheloxi - Professor of Interspecies Relations (specialising on mice and cats)Arthbard Vootenoy - Professor of CheatologyMonique - Professor of Something Ending in OlogyPhreako
- Professor of InflatologyMistdancer - Professor of SockologyDas Mouldy Sandwich - Extended Visiting Professor of Mouse Trap AvoidancePu Dendal-Shrubbery - Professor of Running About and Eating Little Bits of CheeseAnimel12 - Professor of QuestionismsBob - Professor of Drinking Alcoholic SubstancesBagpuss - Professor of Cryptic Cruciverbalism2Legs - Professor of TitleologyClive the flying ostrich - Professor of Ostrich Ballisticsb-b - Professor of PurplologyKirikugi - Professor of TeabagologyGoth (Fish) - Professor of Computer Crashologybeanfoto - Professor of ?Lodestone - Professor of Armadillo Fixationsnessieoftheshorthair - Professor of partially non existent life formsNikki - Professor of DreamologyJeny - Professor of CheeseologyRoadkill - Professor of PseudologyInkwash - Doctor of EscapologyMarch Hare - Professor of LagomorphologyMaw - Professor of MagecraftThe code for this list

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