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The Bar

You walk into a scene of general rowdiness. A large group of student mice in the corner are loudly singing

eeK eep eeEk eeek squeak Eeek eep squeek EEEk eep eEEk EEEk eEek EeEk eep eek Eek eep EeEek eeeek eek EeEek eEk EEek EEEk(I used to work in Chicago!) !
There is beer splattered liberally over the floor and walls. In the corner is the obligatory pool table and table football along with a delapidated pinball machine.

A dance floor in middle of the room is crowded with the university burrowing club dancing and singing

eeEeK eEk squeek eeeek squeak eEek eep eEK Eeeek eEek eEk eeeek eEk EEk (Father Abraham) .

Jerry mouse is the resident bar manager. Any complaints about noise or the quality of smiley - ale will be listened to politely and then ignored. Hey with all these fieldmice here, do you really think anything can be done about it?

Over in the corner is a set of interconnected tubes, a maze and a large wheel. Don't try these if you're smiley - drunk.

Price List

  • smiley - ale = 3 sunflower seeds
  • smiley - stout = 4 sunflower seeds and a peanut
  • smiley - oj = 1 sesame seed
  • smiley - coffee = A piece if lettuce
  • smiley - stiffdrink = 1 toilet roll tube
  • A smiley - ale and a smiley - burger special offer =3 sunflower seeds and 2 peanuts

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