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Posted: 14th April 2005


A Land of Contrasts

It seems that we have seen the best and the worst of Italy these last few days. The funeral of Pope John Paul was handled in an efficient and calm manner considering the thousands of people all jostling for room. Christian values were forgotten, however, as rival football fans from the same city, Milan, clashed and Juventas supporters offered bricks, bats and angry placards in place of an olive branch to the visiting Liverpool team. For a country which encompasses The Vatican and professes a strong catholic following this is certainly a worrying trend.

In the UK the wedding between Charles and Camilla occured without much fuss and very little pomp. There were a handful of demonstrators who would probably like to see Diana, Princess of Wales canonised alongside Pope John Paul II but, in the main, the general populace appear to have either forgiven Charles and Camilla or find the whole thing disinteresting.

The big news here on h2g2 is the introduction of the h2g2 Mobile Service. Those of you lucky enough to have an all-singing, all-dancing phone can now really check The Guide whilst on the move. The countdown is on for the Hitchhiker's film - just two weeks to go for you lucky people in the UK!

Congratulations to tonsil revenge who publishes edition 100 of his Escape Pod Dreams column in this issue. The Features section has a very strong h2g2 bent as four items examine aspects of this site. Three deal with Peer Review and are well worth a read and the fourth is a plea for assistance. Beeblefish is working on a PhD in Communications and is writing a paper on Internet communities and ownership issues. He really needs your input as he hopes to use h2g2 as the main source of his dissertation.





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