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  • 14.04.05

    As h2g2 goes mobile the Post takes a bit of an indepth look at the site from which it has erupted like a greasy pimple from a unwashed buttock. Ahem. Anyway apart from those four articles we have a book review from EchidnaZ, Rev Jack Russell writing about working in a garage, and the start of the h2g2 Towers Challenge.

    Most of the regulars are still doing their stuff - Reefgirl channels Chris Carter, the poets are hard a-scribble, Smudger's Proustian epic continues (either he's mispelt 'marital' or his partner really was in a bad relationship), and KazSorrel educates us about a huge range of problems not all which I'm sure are entirely our fault.

  • 21.04.05

    A call for papers from Da Boss regarding the new h2g2 movie which has finally appeared, a recipe for black and blue steak (or perhaps that should be 'black and blue slightly stunned cow' given how lightly cooked Master B prefers it) and an admission that The Jon M is smelly are just three of the interesting elements of this week's Post.

    Elsewhere, Quizzical offers financial advice, TonsilRevenge tries to figure out the use of a new girlfriend (insert joke here), and in the right-on round-up KazSorrel reveals that if you want to stay healthy, you should keep your water in a mutka pot. No, me neither.

    And all the usual stuff goes on around this too! The Towers Challenge, Reefy's fanfic, two fictional offerings from Khamsin, and all the other stuff that makes the back issue page such a joy to maintain.

  • 28.04.05

    Master B's culinary odyssey this week takes in Gnocchi Vesuvio, for those bon viveurs amongst you who fancy eating Serie A's least successful goalkeeper, while Spiderbaby treads less ambitious gastronomical byways. The Reverend Jack is less than circumspect, and B rocks the vote.

    There are two reports from the h2g2 movie premiere, Smudger strikes a blow for equality, and Kat tries to drum up some new interest in Peer Review. Finally, we have our very own Post science-off as NotScientific (top fact: 'a cluster of 13 aluminium atoms behaves like a halogen') takes on KazSorrel (top fact: 'by weight we are more bacteria than human'1) in the battle to be Top Boffin! You like???

  • 05.05.05

    Da Boss trundles off down memory lane to wax nostalgic about Stewpot and Uncle Mac, but returns in time to oversee another beezer Postie offering. There are no less than four reviews of the h2g2 movie, and a pictorial comment from Tonsil Revenge, while the Great Knolly's African adventure continues.

    Master B shares a recipe for Bulghur wheat salad (not sure my local Tescos stocks Bulghurs, but serves me right for being provincial), The Jon M follows some beat-boxers, and there are some imaginary songs in Escape Pod Dreams. Or maybe I just thought there were. Meanwhile, Smudger thinks back to the days of steam, and Quizzical's favourite Siouxsie and the Banshees cover is obviously 'Dear Prudence'.

  • 12.05.05

    Two more takes on the Hitchhiker's film, a plea to enhance the content of the Edited Guide and a blow-by-blow of the Towel Day meet-up. The African Adventure takes to the skies, Khamsin begins his serialisation of HooToo happenings.

    Smudger observes life imitating technology while quizzical prioritises expenses and KazSorrel rounds up the science headlines as well as the state of human rights in the world. The Rev Jack chokes down a dinner party and survives a haircut.

  • 19.05.05

    No edition this week.

  • 26.05.05

    Da Boss ponders the effectiveness of our fair rag and solicits suggestions for its future, and makes us all jealous with a glimpse of the Amsterdam mini-meet. There's a variety of poetry on offer, and the African Adventure is still up in the air. Smudger contemplates the importance of the little things while quizzical outlines the basics of debts and savings.

    The Jon m discusses the new foreign football and Kat rounds up a selection of Peer Review hopefuls. Master B delights us with his annual Eurovision recap as Awix takes a musical journey to a galaxy far, far away, and the inimitable Demon Drawer tackles politics in a hands-on sort of way.

  • 02.06.05

    Another week, another meet-up, and Pierce the Pirate tells it like it was. Tonsil Revenge is in and out of love (the Bon Jovi song was playing in my head as I read) and quizzical sells us on buying our next car. We have updates on Polio, the Kakapo and nuclear waste (among other things).

    Under the "Adventure" heading the Awesome Foursome ride again, the African Adventure comes back down to earth and the Rev Jack is party to an intense, high-stakes game of tiddly winks. echomikeromeo dances around 'it', elsewhere the HooToo Story continues.

  • 09.06.05

    This week Knolly soldiers on while orland_fank moves and moves again. Gallery 42 opens its first special exhibit featuring photography by clzoomer and Mudhooks. Master B whips up Shepherds' Pie for the lactose intolerant (by special request).

    Egon and Several a/k/a random round up the week in sport. Outrider starts the day with a flick of the wrist and the kiss of metal on pavement. Meanwhile Norway prepares to celebrate its first century of independence, and quizzical gives us a shovel and shows us how to use it.

  • 16.06.05

    No edition this week.

  • 23.06.05

    Awix and Reefgirl move into the head office for Da Boss' hiatus; Awix takes the big leather editorial chair for a spin - or should that be "spins in the big leather chair"? 24 Lies a Second makes a triumphant return with a report from the BatCave. Elsewhere we discover that homewrecking can be good for your chompers.

    The Committee for Alien Content campaigns for controversy and trance-like states. Terran philosophises in the all-new '42 Reasons for Fish'2. Darth Zaphod discovers the nuances of shared independence, meanwhile Psycorp saves us all a few braincells.

  • 07.07.05

    No cartoons this week, but plenty of fiction, whether it be Khamsin's 'Hootoo Story', Nadia's 'The Razor and the Curtain' or the ever-continuing adventures of the Great Knolly. Plus, where would we be without some 'business-minded poetry' and more '42 Reasons for Fish'?

    Smudger hits the road, quizzical inflates (or at least explains the economic concept), Kaz explains the latest goings-on over those science-y types, TonsilRevenge discusses numbers (hey, what does 'RPM' stand for?) and after the CAC Continuum's 'Sexual Revolution' issue, we can relax with a recipe for soothing Persian herby soup.

1Sounds highly dubious to me - Impartial Back Issue Page Maintainer.2I can think of a few: stuffed flounder, cedar-planked salmon, tuna salad... -ed.

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